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The Most Popular Apps Used by Students in 2021

Nowadays the industry of mobile applications has grown bigger than ever before. It has become one of the world’s leading digital industries and the whole world has taken its importance and accessibility into account.

The world of apps is utilized by the vast majority of the world’s population thanks to the standardization of owning a smartphone since childhood in almost every community on the planet. This led to apps being used by pretty much everyone, opening a massive global market, driven mainly by the younger, more tech-savvy generations.

Students from all across the globe are anticipated to use their smartphones on a daily basis pretty much throughout their whole lives, considering we’re living in a world where it’s almost frowned upon to not have a phone. The smartphone is no longer used simply to make a phone call or send an SMS to your peers, they have become full-fledged computers that can take numerous tasks, thanks to the ever-growing mobile app market. Let’s take a look at which apps were the most popular throughout the last year amongst students, who form a big part the majority of regular mobile app users – ranging from utilities to entertainment & more;

1.   Social Media Apps

Ever since it hit the whole world by storm around a couple decades ago, social media has always been the number one most used type of app since the initial existence of mobile apps. If you look at the top 10 most frequently downloaded mobile apps in 2021, you wouldn’t be surprised to see that almost half of them are social media platforms. Social media is the pinnacle of the digitally connected world, allowing individuals to share their life’s progress and thoughts while building profiles of aesthetically pleasing content to show other people who they are and what they are doing with their lives.

These platforms also act as a means of mass communication and have become a necessity not only for students, but also the adult & elder society, as well as a great marketing platform for all kinds of businesses across the globe. The most popular social media apps in 2021 which have made it in the top 10 most downloaded apps list for 2021 are the following;

TikTok – 656 million downloads

Instagram – 545 million downloads

Facebook – 416 million downloads

Snapchat – 327 million downloads

2.   Casino Apps

The online gambling industry has reached unforeseen heights throughout 2021 and is anticipated to keep growing throughout the foreseeable future. Students from all across the globe are turning to online casino apps to burn their free time with some fun and thrills and even possibly add some extra profits to their stipends and allowances.

One can easily find some of the best real money casino apps scattered across the lists of the most downloaded apps on the Play Store & App Store, however it’s important to read more about the providers you come across and see how they compare, to make sure that they are picking out the most trusted game providers and the most ideal promotions for their preferred playing styles and casino games.

3.   I.M. Apps (Instant Messaging)

Just like social media but in a more direct manner, almost everyone uses instant messaging apps to communicate with others nowadays. Instant messengers have also been there since the beginning of the internet and have become one of the main means of communication since you can practically send a message or media instantly to anyone you would like directly given that you have an internet connection. Instant messengers have made a big hit in the top 10 most downloaded apps in 2021, and the following are the ones that made the list;

Whatsapp – 395 million downloads

Telegram – 329 million downloads

Zoom – 300 million downloads

Messenger – 268 million downloads

4.   Shopping Apps

With covid restrictions all around the world, shopping centres and shops all across the globe have taken a deep blow due to lockdowns and shutdowns forced by governments all across the globe. This has led to a massive increase in the use of online shopping platforms, as people still want to treat themselves with new materialistic things, especially in these times of boredom and lack of activity. Shopping apps and online shopping platforms are hitting the mobile app market by storm, since they practically give you a global shopping market at the tip of your fingers. Hundreds of global shopping apps are available for anyone to pick out from and the following are the most popular ones that have been downloaded throughout the last year;

Shopee – 203 million downloads

SHEIN – 190 million downloads

Meesho – 153 million downloads

Amazon Shopping – 148 million downloads

Flipkart – 93 million downloads

AliExpress – 84 million downloads

Wish – 72 million downloads

Pinduoduo – 67.4 million downloads

Lazada – 67.1 million downloads

Alibaba – 62 million downloads