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Telangana’s Biggest National Rural Technology Festival ‘Antahpragnya 2018’ kicked off at RGUKT, Basar

  • AA student seen explaining a project at Antahpragnya 2018, Telangana’s Biggest Rural Technical Festival. Seen in the pic is M. Prashanthi, Collector, Nirmal; Dr. Ashok Kumar, VC-RGUKT Basar and other dignitories


The three day, 4th Edition of Telangana’s biggest and National Rural Technical Festival ‘Antahpragnya 2018’ kicked off at RGUKT (Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies), Basar, 200 kms away from Hyderabad, the State Capital of Telangana on Tuesday. The theme of the three-day Rural Technical Festival is “Rural entrepreneurship, Women empowerment, Sustainable technologies”. It is organised by RGUKT, Basar. 
M. Prashanthi, Collector, Nirmal District; Prof V. Chandra Shekhar, Centre Director of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR); Dr. K. Bala Subramanian, Director, Non Ferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC) and Dr. A. Ashok Kumar, VC, RGUKT, Basar and Commissioner of Board of Intermediate, Telangana; Convenor J. Swapnil, Administrative Officer T. N. Venkata Swamy graced the inaugural function.
A total of 200 odd prototype working models created by 4000 rural ignited minds from the RGUKT varsity and outside are presented as part of the Antahpragnya Technical Festival, while 90 different colorful events will be organized. Nearly 25000 people from nearby places and other colleges are expected to witness the Three Day National Level Telangana’s Biggest Rural Technical Festival.
Addressing the 2000 plus student gathering immediately after formally inaugurating Prashanthi, District Collector Nirmal asked why can’t we have Uber for Tractors, when there is one for Taxis, why not it be for Tractors, as most farmers cannot afford tractors. She told them to come out with such innovative ideas in the Technical Festival.
She further told rural students to come with solutions like rural garbage recycling, plastic waste disposal as well as to come out with bio-degradable alternative material to plastics.
Be the change makers, rather than running to catch up with change said Dr Ashok Kumar, VC of RGUKT and Commissioner of Board of Intermediate, Telangana.
Antahpragnya 2018, connoting truth, is an annual festival in its 4th year. It provides a forum for technological ideas, ideations. It is a massive movement that showcases the innovative and inventive spirit, he informed. 
Over 90 events are organised by 7 Engineering departments, 3 other departments and a whopping 200 lives models are on display for three days up to March 22nd, he said. 
A MoU was signed between RGUKT and NFTDC on the inaugural day of Antahpragyna 2018 to pool their expertise and resources. NFTDC is an autonomous and self-financing R&D institution under the aegis of Ministry of Mines, dedicated to the development of Advanced Materials, Innovative Processes on one hand and Engineering Design, Analysis, Electronics and Instrumentation leading to component and systems development and integration on the other.
Then MoU entails offering a joint M.Tech and PhD Programme, exchange of faculty and scientists in coursework as well as research, submission of joint project proposals to funding agencies, sharing of necessary laboratory equipment and facilities for collaborative research projects. Under the MoU few students of RGUKT, Basar will be given an option of serving in NFTDC upon satisfying the eligibility criteria. The MoU will facilitate the creation of a large reservoir of highly qualified manpower in all fields related.
Some live and innovative models include: Robo War, Robo Race, Mouse Trap Race, Techies for Karshak, Eunoia, Maze Runner, Smart Irrigation, Paper from Banana Stem, Hand Power Charger, Wireless Charger, Treadmill Bicycle, Smart Ambulance, Hearing Spects, Smart Tap, Mobile Microscope, Fake Ice Creation, Magical tree, Dancing Balls, Air Drone, Kaleshwaram, Polavaram Projects, Bluetooth Control Elevator, Solar Air Cooler, Stress Meter, Smart Cap, Voice Control Car, Smart Umbrella, Self Driving Plough are some of the highlights.
Few highlights include – Ad’vie-The advertising challenge; Techies for Karashak – project to improve agricultural methods; VR World – Gaming and Workshop on Virtual Reality; Youtuber’s Dairy – Success life of famous you tubers; Eunoia – competition of working models for school children from across Telangana and cultural programs. 
RGUKT admits just 1% of the top rural talent into six-year integrated program. Currently, 6000 students are studying at RGUKT, Basar. Primary objective if it is to offer high-quality education to rural students in ICT. The annual intake is 10000 for which 25000 students bid for. 
Addressing the students, Chief Guest, Prof V. Chandra Shekhar said future of education in India lies in RGUKT kind of educational institutions. Sport cricket until recently was confined to the elite few. Once it went rural, it took the sport by storm. Similarly, the absolute talent in India lies in rural folks. I have no doubt in mind that future Nobel Laureates and Narayan Murthy’s will come from rural India. 
Speaking on the occasion Dr. K. Bala Subrahmaniam said Science is knowledge creation and technology is knowledge integration. Knowing to doing is very important. But only 5 to 10 per cent is happening. In case of doing it well only 5 per cent happens. Knowledge enhances a person’s personality. If you don’t have knowledge, you are an animal, he told them. 
T. N. Venkata Swamy, Administrative Officer, RGUKT said science is about knowing and Engineering is about doing. 
The entire campus bore a festive look and gave an impression of an exhibition. Thousands of man-hours have gone in making live many exhibits. Certainly, the Antahpragnya, the best and the biggest Rural Technical Fest gives a very rare exposure to students.