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TECHADEMY Launches Learning Telemetry (TM) Along With Other Learning Interventions to Improve the Impact of L&D Programs

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
 Rapidly evolving workplace learning, skilling, and development today demands robust and accurate data analytics that let organizations plan and execute their training programs efficiently. TECHADEMY – the comprehensive learning experience platform is keeping pace with the industry requirements by launching its latest feature – Learning Telemetry (TM). 

TECHADEMY understands that learning is a continuous effort where multiple cogs run in the wheel together. Keeping everything aligned and changing gears when needed is the trick to successful training programs. That’s where Learning Telemetry (TM) comes into play. It is an analytical engine that enables real-time simultaneous learner analytics and suggests actionable insights for learning intervention of your employees. 
 Learning Telemetry (TM) curates data and provides actionable insights about learners’ experience, engagement and dropout levels, results and progress outcome per category, and more. Through advanced LMS reporting, it also helps automate regular email updates to key stakeholders on customized analytics. With this addition, the platform with an already integrated LMS and LXP now helps organizations get a deeper understanding of knowledge gap analysis and ROI of their training efforts. 

Post Covid 19, we are no strangers to remote working, however, it comes with its unique set of challenges especially in managing a fully remote L&D process. Keeping that in mind, TECHADEMY is solving critical challenges, from reducing learning drop-offs, virtual new hire training, compliance, and customer training, to cross-skilling, upskilling, and reskilling using virtual training environments with ease. As an added advantage, using data analytics to design learning and development experiences for employees optimizes the effectiveness and cost of the training programs as well. 

Highlighting the role of optimizing learner experiences, Techademy Founder, N Keshava Raju said, We are constantly adding new features and enhancements for your associates to learn in a more efficient way. We’ve noticed that in these evolving times, re-employability, and re-skilling are taking the center stage of L&D initiatives. To further such initiatives, we are working to automate a lot of the existing training process and set the stage for the needs of reskilling with the help of advanced analytics and algorithms that act on the same. We’re constantly looking to transform the way enterprises can make the best of their talent, by letting the talent take the lead.” 

The real value of training programs is measured when the employees are able to apply the skills they have learned to their jobs effectively. Since its inception in 1993, TECHADEMY’s vision never wavered in being the preferred end-to-end partners in L&D for IT & IT-enabled industries. Trusted by tech giants of the world, TECHADEMY is aiming to bridge the gap between learning and applying. 
In doing so, the company needs to evolve at the same speed as the industry if not faster. Speaking about this constant need for advanced tools and technologies, Techademy Founder, N Keshava Raju signed off by saying, “We will be making a transition in our approach to the frequency of release cycles 3-4 larger releases each year to smaller releases every month. This new release cycle stems from extensive research and conversations with our customers regarding what they expect from TECHADEMY moving forward, and how we can better set up your learning programs for success.” 

TECHADEMY currently hosts content for over 3500+ courses, enables practice through its cloud labs, features blended learning, and supports real time scenario-based assessments on all of them.