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Techademy Introduces Social Learning Features to Leverage Peer-Based Learning at Modern Workplaces

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
 Creating an environment of true learning in a digital first manner, Techademy – The Learning Experience Platform introduced Social Learning features for its learners. These features provide opportunities to the learners to interact, support, and learn with each other in a social networking style. In the current world, where learning experiences have become isolated, social learning features widen the scope of learning thereby making it comprehensive and extremely engaging.

Techademy’s new social learning features enable users to search for other users in the organization and connect with people with similar career aspirations or learning paths. They can directly chat with each other, solve queries or collaborate together. This comes in handy especially while learning IT skills and coding as it is easy to learn complex concepts when done with peers.

With this addition, it’s also now much easier to check for notifications and keep in touch with other learners right from the learner home page. In addition to one-on-one interaction, social learning also allows discussions and forums thereby giving the learner a holistic peer learning experience. As some parts of the course might require focused time to understand and some parts need practice, taking opinions from others, and solving queries – ability to let learners choose between instances of self-learning and peer learning according to their convenience and the places in the learning journey they are in, becomes very useful.

Explaining the product journey, Keshava Raju, Techademy Founder said, “At Techademy, one rule stays at the top of everything – Build for superior user experience. This is the key to our product development. Our goal is to make tech learning immersive, hands-on, and enjoyable for the learners, which is really the secret for high retention. That way, we also fulfill the goals of our clients – Employees who make the most of training programs and are ready to use the skills learned in their job roles effectively.”

In continuous learning, keeping the learning outcomes consistent and standardized still remains a challenge. With its need-of-the hour features, Techademy Learning Experience Platform solves this problem in the most effective way giving the L&D professionals from large and small IT organizations one more reason to partner with it.

“Our current partners are some of the behemoths of the IT industry and their training needs are as versatile as themselves, to cater to every need while meeting the benchmarks for exceptional learning experiences is something we have delivered without fail every time. These new features as well as the ones planned in future are all aimed to continuously improve upon our promise to transform talent development for our partners,” said Keshava Raju, Founder of Techademy as a testament to their unwavering vision.