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S P Jain School of Global Management Hosts an Enlightening Workshop by Professor Lawrence Pohlman

Professor Lawrence Pohlman, Faculty of Finance and Engineering with the University of Massachusetts Boston graced S.P Jain School of Global Management with his presence and delivered a master class on the “Regime Switching Methods in Finance”. The workshop ran successfully for five days and was coupled with a meet-and-greet with students pursuing Bachelor of Data Science, graduates, recruiters, professionals, and a plethora of distinguished professors.

The lecture’s primary thrust was on the prized technique of “Regime Switching”. This method is adopted by most quantitative investment analysts for active investment management. Primarily designed by engineers, it has become a solution used by macroeconomists to model business cycles. It functions by identifying signals that indicate noteworthy changes in the market and assist in forming an active portfolio by switching between the High Return and Low Return portfolio regimes. In an increasingly data driven world the master class was very useful for all the Data Science students. The program in itself is designed to hone the skills of individuals so that they can conduct data oriented investigations, visual and advanced analytics by acquiring and managing data of all types.

Talking about the value of Data Science, Professor Pohlman said, “One of the most exciting new developments in quantitative finance is the use of regime switching techniques to model asset prices and select portfolios. A set of statistical and machine learning methods, sometimes called Hidden Markov Models, have been developed to estimate the underlying state or regime from observations of prices, volumes etc. Our world is moving towards absolute data orientation, it was great to witness the enthusiasm amongst students to know more about the subject and their hunger to acquire advanced knowledge.”

Commenting on the same, Prof Abhijit Dasgupta, Director- BDVA and BDS said, “The workshop unfurled in myriad hues mainly focusing on enhancing one’s knowledge about the subject of Regime Switching and the need for Data Science in today’s world. The topic which was discussed acquires great importance and the students were very keen to gain a deeper insight on the same. Dr. Pohlman is an institution in himself, his unique ways of facilitating the masterclass and making complex things simple is commendable.  He not only imparted the much needed information but also provided perspective. The meet and greet was highly successful as like-minded people coming from different walks of life sat under one roof and gleefully discussed their take on the subject.”

The talk was followed by an interactive meet and greets session, which was enthusiastically received not only by eager students but graduates with experiences to share, recruiters from across the industry, professionals coming from all walks of life and a host of learned and distinguished professors. The students were highly receptive and gained valuable knowledge about the subject that piqued their interest.

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About the Professor:

The talk was presented by Dr. Pohlman, who himself is a seasoned researcher and practitioner in the field of financial investment management and has held many senior positions in the international financial industry. A well-read man Dr. Pohlman has published studies in some of the leading journals in economics and finance, including Econometrica,the Journal of Economic Theory, the Review of Futures Markets, and the Journal of Portfolio Management. He is a highly qualified academician and  a man with multitudes of accolades under his belt . He has a PhD in Finance from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, an MBA in Finance and Management Science, also from Columbia Business School, a Master’s degree in Operations Research from the Engineering School of Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering, also from Columbia University.


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