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Silverskills Selects KloudLearn to Power Its Enterprise Learning and Development


Cupertino, California, United States & Gurugram, Haryana, India:
 Silverskills, a leading Business Process Management Services provider, has selected KloudLearn to power its Enterprise Learning and Development Program for Organizational effectiveness. With advanced, autonomous, and robust features like AI-powered learning experience platform, Gamification, Social Learning, Blended Learning, and built-in course authoring tool, KloudLearn is geared towards the next generation of employees; digital natives who learn best through a hands-on interactive multimedia platform.
Additionally, KloudLearn comes with a range of powerful Analytics and Reporting features to help Silverskills’ HR to identify and close skills gaps, monitor employee progress, and demonstrate compliance training requirements. KloudLearn is a next-gen autonomous learning platform, which combines traditional LMS functionalities with innovative LXP (Learning Experience Platform) features to empower employees with a highly personalized and engaging training experience.
Silverskills is a leading service provider in Insurance, Finance, and Accounting, Commercial Real Estate, Revenue Cycle Management, Engineering, and Relocation Services with over 15 years of experience in executing BPM assignments for its clients based in the USA, APAC, EMEA, and Canada.  With its mission of providing exceptional quality, digital expertise, and innovative solutions, Silverskills combines a deep knowledge of data processing with high-end analytics and knowledge management services to deliver highly customizable digital transformational solutions to its clients.
“Every solution and service we offer is specially designed to deliver enhanced productivity, the highest quality standards, and data security. Effective employee training will help us enhance our business performance with the ultimate goal of delivering quality and secured solutions for our clients across the globe. We were looking for an eLearning platform that was progressive, qualitative, and cost-effective. KloudLearn helps us fulfill our mission of delivering exceptional quality, digital expertise, and innovative solutions with a staunch commitment to our clients. We are incredibly excited to be partnering with KloudLearn in our goal and mission to empower our clients with innovation via efficient solutions and digital transformation”, Rahul Gupta, Vice President (Head HR), Silverskills

Silverskills will use the KloudLearn Autonomous Learning Platform to enhance and optimize its employee training by offering its workforce a personalized and engaging Learning experience with:
Course Authoring:
KloudLearn’s built-in course authoring tool allows you to quickly create and share engaging content without requiring third-party course authoring tools. KloudLearn’s robust course authoring tool enables you to embed YouTube videos directly into your training courses. Also, you can make your training more engaging and efficient with video screen recording and casting. It enables you to capture, record, and deliver training content to your learners simultaneously. KloudLearn also supports the ability to create quiz-based assessments as part of their training courses. 
Gamification and Social Learning:
KloudLearn’s built-in gamification feature will assist Silverskills to enhance their learner engagement and motivation by awarding points, badges, and certificates based on the learner participation rate. This will strengthen learner performance and drive friendly competition, thus, encouraging employees to complete more courses and improve overall course completion rates.
Analytics and Reporting:
KloudLearn powerful analytics and reporting feature will enable Silverskills to track progress and measure the impact of their training program in real-time. Administrators can quickly gain actionable insights by analyzing training performance at the course level and individual learner level.
Employee training is an essential strategy for driving progress. Today, organizations allow employees to work remotely; a staunch strategy for retaining and managing top talent has become the most crucial aspect of business operations. KloudLearn is honored to collaborate with Silverskills to deliver our clients and their employees an agile AI-powered learning platform that will enable them to evolve and continue to learn consistently, said Prashant Hariharan, KloudLearn.
KloudLearn is delivered in a SAAS (Software As A Service) to clients globally.

About Silverskills
Silverskills, a leading Service Provider in Business Process Management Services, is one of the highly skilled process innovators and technology leaders. Founded in 2000 in Delhi, it operates on its three core values, i.e., trust, innovation, and quality through excellence, for delivering services while exceeding their clients’ expectations. Silverskills solutions and services are effectively designed to deliver enhanced productivity with optimized cost, faster turnaround while ensuring the highest quality of standards.       

About KloudLearn
KloudLearn is a Next-Generation LMS platform. KloudLearn combines traditional LMS features and LXP (Learning Experience Platform) capabilities to provide users with Autonomous Learning capabilities. KloudLearn offers comprehensive capabilities in Content Library, Course Authoring, Gamification, Social Learning, Analytics, and Reporting. Furthermore, KloudLearn’s AI-powered engine delivers dynamic content recommendations facilitating Autonomous Learning. KloudLearn is cloud-delivered in a SAAS (Software As A Service) model and is available globally.

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