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QpiAI Takes up World’s Largest AI and Quantum Upskilling Effort with Rs 499 Plan Module Based Learning

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:

 QpiAI has announced new mode of certification for AI and Quantum compute ( with Rs 499 module based self-paced study for AI and Quantum certification. India has totally 3500 engineering colleges, 3400 polytechnics and 200 schools of planning and architecture and around 10000 science colleges. There are close to 1 million engineering graduates and students. We have totally 3 million studying science and maths. We have 4.3 million IT employees in India. We have close to 8 million STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates across the world. 2.6 million are in India and 4.3 million in China. QpiAI is providing platform to address all-important high-quality AI and Quantum education, training and upskilling targeted to STEM students and working professionals.

QpiAI made AI and Quantum courses affordable, convenient, self-paced, fun and easy-learning with its QpiAI-explorer software and global to address around 12 million prospect students to help them upskill to AI and Quantum compute knowledge.
QpiAI also provides these 12 million students to potentially use most advanced technology from Qpi technology subsidiaries in its marketplace to provide solutions to enterprises. The technology and tools included in marketplace in near future is QpiAI-pro automl platform, Qpicloud CPs (Collaborative Platforms) on Qpicloud, QpiAI-quantum, QpiAI-logistics and in medium to long term future, marketplace members will have full access to world’s largest AI and Quantum data centre situated across different continents to deliver projects from marketplace. This can be one of the world’s largest AI and Quantum upskilling with expectation of 250k registration in 6-12 months’ time globally from its current level of 10k registration in its term-based plan. While it continues its existing 3 months and 6 months term-based study for certification. It expects students and working professional require longer time and financial flexibility to gain advanced knowledge in AI and Quantum computing.  QpiAI expects larger registration through module based self-paced study, which is more convenient for students and working professional. QpiAI offers QpiAI-explorer software with Rs 499 membership, which comes with in module-based learning. QpiAI-explorer has integrated basic AutoML engine and one of the world’s most advanced Quantum simulator that can run on laptops without need of costly cloud computing for learning. Unlike most learning programs, QpiAI-IISc joint certification is based on QpiAI-explorer software, which include hands-on projects to provide real AI and Quantum computing skills
QpiAI have taken this unprecedented move to address skill shortage in AI and Quantum compute with joint certification with IISc. Also, it has bigger objective to create World’s largest ecosystem through its global AI and Quantum marketplace ( using QpiAI’s AI and quantum technology as advanced platforms available for QpiAI community. There is a larger demand for skilled AI and Quantum computing professionals. This effort from QpiAI should fill the gap to large extent. Qpi technology which is the parent company of 5 subsidiaries including QpiAI is investing heavily in advanced research to enable ecosystem in AI, Quantum compute and materials research.

Students, working professionals, enterprises, schools and colleges can enroll for certification at or write to [email protected]