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QpiAI Launches a Global AI and Quantum Marketplace

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:

 Dr Nagendra Nagaraja, CEO and Founder of QpiAI announces QpiAI Global AI and Quantum marketplace ( to increase adoption of AI and quantum technologies among enterprises and communities. Registration is now open for enterprise users (mainly buyers) and for the first batch of students who score distinction in the QpiAI-IISc certification program which ends in November as the solutions providers. QpiAI-Marketplace is undergoing trials with a few key enterprise customers. Participating enterprise names will be announced soon on the online marketplace. There will be joint announcements in the press with participation from some large enterprises.

This is in continuation with QpiAI-IISc joint certification ( that upskills students and enterprises with AI and Quantum skills. Distinction (above 90%) in AI level II, AI level pro (to be launched by September-October 2021),  Quantum level II( to be launched by September-October 2021) and joint AI and Quantum certification will qualify to enter marketplace as a solutions provider, service provider and seller of AI models, AI solutions, AI services and Quantum solutions. The Marketplace is expected to have 100+ enterprises as buyers and a million sellers in a couple of years’ time. The certification program has received an overwhelming response of 10000+ registrations in the last 2 months. Out of which, 250 students have been enrolled in two batches. Going forward, enrolment will have an entrance test. All training videos and quizzes will be available for free in a few weeks for those who have registered on the certification website and have obtained logins . Certification, assessments, QpiAI-Explorer, QpiAI-Pro platforms  and assignments will be charged. There will also be merit based discounts based on performance in entrance tests.

With the Marketplace, highly skilled students and professionals (who will be the outcome of certification courses) will be able to participate and benefit in the commercialization of AI and Quantum solutions. Both buyers and sellers are largely expected to use QpiAI-Pro (, QpiAI-Quantum platforms and Qpicloud ( infrastructure to deliver solutions. Further Qpi Technology ( subsidiaries will enable the QpiAI community with a strong technology roadmap. Qpi Technology is committed to the QpiAI Marketplace community to provide latest and cutting-edge quantum and classical compute, high quality innovation in AI, secure infrastructure and platform technologies that enables them to solve the most complex and valuable problems. Technology stack will be delivered via QpiCloud, which has a roadmap to be a Quantum secured cloud. QpiAI community on the Marketplace will automatically be qualified to be part Qpicloud Collaborative Platforms (CPs). Qualified enterprises and individuals will automatically get notifications for requests to participate in the projects when new CPs are launched by enterprises. CPs are designed to generate recurring revenue for the QpiAI community on certain specialized AI and Quantum projects. High level of Security is the main USP of CPs on Qpicloud.

QpiAI-Pro ( is an all-in-one platform for data preparation, automated model generation, model deployment and ML-ops. One can use this with little coding, except for where custom models need to be designed. QpiAI-Pro is expected to have a Quantum backend in future for model discovery and enable generation of very efficient models. QpiAI-Pro will be a platform that comes up with new kinds of AI automatically, with the help of QpiAI hybrid classical-quantum processor and libraries. Currently QpiAI-Pro has a QpiCloud backend based on GPUs and CPUs. The QpiAI-Pro model discovery is proven to generate models automatically with a very compact footprint. It’s high performance is suitable for both cloud and also power and area constrained embedded applications. QpiAI-Marketplace is one of the microservices integrated into QpiAI-Pro. QpiAI-Pro users can buy and sell models directly from the QpiAI-Pro UI that has an excellent user experience.

QpiAI-Quantum on other hand can be used to model most of the real-world problems into combinations of AI and Quantum. Subsequently, solutions can be derived from AI and Quantum technologies. QpiAI-Quantum currently runs on QpiCloud as simulated solutions and is expected to get Quantum inspired hardware and universal optimization chip (Trion) based solution next year. QpiAI is expected to enable real quantum dots-based hardware backend, as and when they will be available. Transition from Quantum inspired solutions to real quantum solutions based on Quantum computers will prove to be seamless.

The QpiAI certification program and the QpiAI-Marketplace is foreseen to be one of the world’s biggest job creators among AI and Quantum professionals. Apart from that, the QpiAI-Marketplace is predicted to have one of the most powerful AI and Quantum communities in the world, which will be at the forefront of AI and Quantum innovation.

The QpiAI-Pro and QpiAI-Quantum are deeply discounted if users are on the Marketplace. For students and professionals scoring distinction in certification courses (AI-level 2, AI-level pro and AI and quantum joint certification), QpiAI-pro will be free for one year (except the cloud cost, which is a pass through to QpiAI).

Marketplace has an inbuilt legal framework to protect both buyers and sellers. AI models, AI and Quantum solutions are qualified using QpiAI qualifiers on various parameters like explainability, safety and transparency. Sellers are helped with encryption of models and solutions using QpiAI tools. Buyers on the other hand have extremely high-quality solutions and services ensured by rigorous QpiAI models, solutions qualifications and QpiAI certification program for services.

Even large service companies can register on the marketplace given that they clear certification programs with distinction scores. We hope 40% of the project teams score distinction in the certification program while 100% of them score first class. The certification requirement can be waived off on exceptional cases based on CV and company profile at the discretion of the Marketplace admin.