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Protein Week 2021: Experts Call For Attention to Protein Quality


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
 This national Protein Week (July 24 – 30, 2021), Right To Protein, a nation-wide protein awareness initiative is urging citizens to focus on the consumption of ‘quality protein sources’. To educate citizens about foods that are deemed as ‘quality protein’, the initiative is introducing a special hall of fame, developed with advice from India’s leading nutritionists, exhibiting all the seven quality protein sources recommended for optimal protein intake. A complete source of protein must be highly digestible and must contain all nine amino acids that the body cannot synthesize, and must be acquired from dietary means, thus making it a complete source of protein.
Extending support to the cause, Ms. Inoshi Sharma, Executive Director at FSSAI, said that “Protein is an integral part of our overall well-being, and its deficiency can have a long-term impact on one’s quality of life. Given that regular consumption of protein rich foods play an important role in boosting our immunity, it is also important to be well informed about quality protein sources especially plant based, a cause we have been championing at FSSAI, as part of the Eat Right Initiative”. “What better time than Protein Week to educate everyone about better protein consumption,” added Sharma
The ‘Quality Protein – Hall of Fame’ includes a mix of protein sources from both animal and plant protein. While most animal protein foods contain all nine amino acids, since livestock animals are fed with protein rich soybean meals, plant protein sources on the other hand generally lack one or two more essential amino acids, with the exception of soy and quinoa – which are among the few complete sources of plant protein available.
Dr. Suresh Itapu, Nutraceutical Expert, Director – NutriTech India, supporter of the Right To Protein initiative said, “There are several reports indicating that Indian diets derive almost 60% protein from cereals with low digestibility. However, our country is home to many sources of quality protein that are complete in nature and have high digestibility. These are both accessible and affordable. The problem is not availability, but awareness, as cited in the Protein Paradox study. Right To Protein’s much needed call for attention to focus upon quality protein food consumption is a commendable move that positively contributes to the larger goal of protein sufficiency and holistic well-being.”
Right To Protein will also be engaging citizens through a social media contest led with the #7Days7Questions to educate citizens further about quality protein sources. Its website that will feature, Chicken, Egg, Salmon, Soybeans, Quinoa, Tofu and Paneer in the Hall of Fame guide, will share creative content for people to learn more about their consumption on a regular basis.

About Right To Protein

Right To Protein is India’s first awareness initiative to educate citizens about the importance of adequate protein consumption for better nutrition, health, and wellbeing. #RightToProtein initiative aspires to build knowledge of different types of protein sources amongst Indians, especially plant protein, to meet larger nutritional goals. Right To Protein aims to develop an ecosystem of professionals to drive protein awareness and debunk myths and misconceptions about protein as a critical macro-nutrient for human health and of many protein foods sources. The ecosystem will aim to improve production and consumption quality and consistency of both, plant, and animal proteins. Right To Protein is supported by several like-minded Indian and global individuals, academicians, professionals, and institutions. The initiative is open for all those who would like to join and/or contribute in any capacity, including providing knowledge, technical support or as promotion partners. For more information, visit

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