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MoonX Ties up With aSSIST in South Korea to Enhance Its Disruptive Technologies

In pursuit of its goal of technological dominance in the field of Digital Assets, MoonX has initiated a strategic tie-up with aSSIST (The Seoul School of Integrated Science and Technology) in South Korea.
The technologies and innovations being deployed by MoonX are firing a trend towards (Initial Coin Offerings) ICOs which experts predict will upend and may eventually even replace the IPO. This as startup interest continues to grow in reverse ICO listing.
MoonX is racing ahead of the game in Crypto Exchanges with its commitment to technology and decentralisation. Its servers are now placed in cryogenic bunkers. This is the ‘first truly decentralised ownership exchange ecosystem’.

MoonX is also leveraging its nanosecond response time. This is light years ahead of traditional exchanges like Nasdaq, ICE, LSE. A clear indication that the future lies with truly decentralised exchanges.

“Our brand is about creating a decentralized economy by not charging fees but providing members with Moon Money equivalent to shares within the company. We are doing away with employer-employee and customer-business owner relationships to create a more peer-to-peer, equal relationship, offering our co-owners the fastest and most secure exchange technology verified by independent third-party experts,” says Dr. Nithin Palavalli, MoonX Founding Chief Executive.
MoonX Founding Financial Controller Tony Lee adds, “We want to use our crypto exchange and revolutionary Coin mechanisms as a transaction hub for all crypto assets, benefiting other Coins and enabling more people to trade. The aim is to benefit society and solve existing, real-world social problems.”

MoonX is funded by BCH Angel Fund (backed by IDG & BITMAIN) and Fission Capital (backed by Shenbo of Fenbushi). Other investors include NGC (Neo Global Capital), Node Capital, DHVC, Pre Angel, Linear VC, Du Capital, FTIG and 20 more.
MoonX is looking to fund PhD and research programs with top quality universities and research institutes across the world.