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MakeMyLabs Tailored Solutions Optimizing Hands-on Learning for Every Learning Context

Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi:
 Hands-on learning is the most efficient way to ensure tech skilling, as it enables the learners practice and self-evaluate their newly earned expertise in skills and technologies. Optimizing hands-on learning which varies from organization to organization, learner to learner, and context to context, MakeMyLabs provides tailored solutions to ensure rich and long-lasting learning experiences.

From physical settings, learning has shifted to blended or at times, a completely remote mode. As learners are learning from anywhere in the world, it is more important now, than ever to streamline learning so that they have standard learning outcomes. Add to that, the setting up of infrastructure requirements is needed. MakeMyLabs solves this challenge with ease through its custom-made, plug-n-play virtual tech labs that enable learners to practice, experiment, and learn multiple skills and technologies.

In addition to providing world-class tech labs for learning, with the evolving needs of the industry, MakeMyLabs has evolved into an end-to-end hands-on learning solution for enterprises and institutes alike. Hands-on learning is not an isolated effort, it is combined with content and assessments so that learning is complete and comprehensive. That is the reason MakeMyLabs now also offers content, in-video learning, and assessments integrated as a one-stop solution as well. For organizations who would prefer to have their existing systems for other aspects of learning, MakeMyLabs offers seamless integration with them so that learning is seamless as well.

“We have been clear with our vision from the very beginning that all our offerings will be centred towards providing the best-in-class tech skilling solutions that enable learners to become experts in the skills and technologies of the ever-changing IT world. Whether it’s the institutes preparing their students for the demanding jobs of today or organizations building resilient tech workforces, we customise our solutions to give 100%. Our job is to not just offer a platform for hands-on learning but ensure that the learning transforms into practical application as well which is why keep innovating, we keep evolving, and we keep solving the challenges of modern learning,” commented Keshava Raju, Founder & CEO, MakeMyLabs while shedding light on MakeMyLabs integrated solution model.

Cost-efficient, intelligent, and fully customisable Tech Labs have always been the biggest reason for MakeMyLabs’ popularity in the industry, and now, with the ability to solve learning challenges end-to-end MakeMyLabs is paving way for high impact tech skilling.