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MakeMyLabs – Helping Organizations Revolutionize Hands-on Learning for Tech Workforce Training

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:

Providing best-in-class and scalable virtual lab solutions, MakeMyLabs is turning out to be the preferred choice of L&D managers for ensuring hands-on technology upskilling. While Virtual Labs are no strangers to the IT world, the reason behind the popularity of MakeMyLabs as a solution is its user-centric design.Everything that MakeMyLabs offers is keeping in mind of its users – Be it the clients who use it for their digital-first learning and development programs, or the end-users (the actual learners) who are accessing the labs to work with virtual tech environments. MakeMyLabs offers complete customization down to every feature, making it easier for organizations to adapt it hassle-free into their programs.

Cloud Labs allow users from anywhere with access to internet to create and access virtual machines with required configurations that simulate real-world tech ecosystems. Especially scenario where its about shifting to a remote workforce , virtual labs allow organizations to allocate superior resources without burning a hole in their pockets investing in an alternate infrastructure. Virtual Labs have become particularly indispensable while onboarding and training new hires, and of course for employee continuous learning. They create consistent and standard learning experiences for learners who are looking to practice what they learnt and test their newly acquired skills. MML serves as a natural extension for hands-on learning to existing learning infrastructure or can work in isolation towards achieving desired learning objectives.

Operating on a truly SaaS model, MakeMyLabs presents multiple billing options to corporate with a ‘Pay-as-you-use’ approach. Shedding some light on the top features, Keshava Raju, Founder said, “Our one goal in developing MakeMyLabs is to support our clients deliver comprehensive, seamless, and immersive learning experiences to their tech force. Our on-demand labs are available 24X7 to its users, with instant provisioning options. In addition to the huge number of templates preconfigured for learning, we also customize lab catalogues according to the organization’s needs. Our clients can upscale or downscale whenever they need and also have a control over the usage. Lab maintenance and 24X7 support is an added advantage.”

Some more interesting features that make MakeMyLabs unique are its persistent VM, auto suspend, and isolated instances.

“In our journey of helping organizations transform learning experiences, we have partnered with some of the tech giants of the world to solve their online learning and engagement woes. With MakeMyLabs, our clients observed a considerable reduction in the cost of training and increased course completion rates. Tech teams are presented with environments that mimic actual tech scenarios wherein learners are engaged with an outcome-based approach to learning that strives to establish positive business impact. In doing so, we are moving a step closer to the mission we have set for MakeMyLabs,” said Keshava Raju, Founder, MakeMyLabs speaking about the efficiency of MakeMyLabs solutions.