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Life Skills Non-Profit Dream a Dream Announces Grant From Omidyar Network India

Dream a Dream, a non-profit organization based in Bangalore that empowers young people from vulnerable backgrounds with critical life skills to thrive in the 21st century, today announced a grant from Omidyar Network India, the investment firm focussed on social impact. Dream a Dream develops critical life skills in young people growing up in challenging circumstances in India and helps them prepare for a fast-changing, uncertain and complex future.
“This collaboration between Dream a Dream and Omidyar Network India aspires to put the spotlight on the critical need to reimagine the purpose of education in the 21st century and to bring to the forefront the impact of adversity on first generation learners from vulnerable backgrounds. We believe that this will push the dialogue on the core purpose of education to help children from vulnerable backgrounds overcome adversity and to thrive in the 21st century using a creative life skills approach,” Dream a Dream Chief Executive Suchetha Bhat said.

“We consider competencies such as critical thinking and creativity, and mindsets such as grit and empathy as integral to quality learning. Dream a Dream’s work with a wider network of partners including the government leveraging its innovation in the student learning and training programs has the potential to truly mainstream life skills in the Indian education system. By building critical skills required for the workforce of the 21st century as well as enabling individuals to contribute responsibly toward our interdependent society, Dream a Dream is helping create many meaningful lives,” said Namita Dalmia, principal, investments at Omidyar Network India.

At the centre of Dream a Dream’s approach is the belief that children have the potential to overcome adversity and achieve their true potential. Currently, Dream a Dream works with 10,000 young people a year through two innovation labs – After School Life Skills Programme and Career Connect Programme. It has trained over 7000 teachers/educators impacting over 175,000 children and young people. The Happiness Curriculum designed in partnership with Delhi government has impacted nearly a million children through government partnerships. By working with the Aga Khan Foundation, Dream a Dream is also running programs in Kenya.

About Dream a Dream

Dream a Dream empowers children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds by developing their life skills to overcome adversity and flourish in the 21st century. Life Skills are defined as ‘Abilities for positive and adaptive behaviours that help Individuals deal with demands and challenges of daily living’ (Source: WHO). Established in 2000, the organization has developed a unique and award-winning Life Skills Approach that has impacted the lives of over 1 Million children and young people in India. Dream a Dream is committed to change the experience of education for every child in the country so that they have the Life Skills and social and emotional abilities needed to truly Thrive in the face of poverty and adversity. Dream a Dream works on a strong collaborative approach with local charities, corporates, volunteers, governments, media, expert consultants and a host of national and international strategic partners. 

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About Omidyar Network 

Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm dedicated to harnessing the power of markets to create opportunity for people to improve their lives. Established in 2004 by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam, the organization has committed more than $1 billion to innovative for-profit companies and non-profit organizations to catalyse economic and social change.  In India, Omidyar Network focuses on helping the hundreds of millions of Indians in low-income and lower-middle-income populations, which we define as ranging from the poorest among us to the existing middle class by working across multiple areas, including: Digital Identity, Education, Emerging Tech, Financial Inclusion, Governance & Citizen Engagement, and Property Rights.

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