• Dr.Dr. Samir Parikh, Director – Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare and Ms. Vandana Rellan Juneja – Associate Director – Marketing & New Initiatives, Macmillan at the launch of Life Skills Program


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On 18th November 2017, Macmillan Education, a leading global publishing company active in the K-12 space, having presence in over 20,000 schools across India and reaching over 10 million learners, in conjunction with Fortis Healthcare launched ‘Life Skill Development Program’ for school educators and students. The program aims to empower teachers to impart Life skill education through classroom sessions.

In the last decade, the school environment has evolved rapidly, and new challenges have emerged in the ecosystem. As a stakeholder, Macmillan’s role extends beyond providing content, to also initiating debate through seminars, symposia and workshops to increase awareness and provide guidance to educators. Macmillan understands that in 21st century, Life Skills development among children is paramount and it is our committed to make constant investment towards the development of society. Under the ambit of this program, Macmillan and Fortis healthcare are conducting workshops across India, where issues related to child safety and role of school counsellors etc. are discussed at length.

Dr. Samir Parikh, Director – Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare and Ms. Vandana Rellan Juneja – Associate Director – Marketing & New Initiatives, Macmillan launched this program in the presence of around 100 Principals from different schools of Delhi & NCR. Dr. Parikh graced this event as a Keynote speaker and discussed about student’s awareness of safety procedures, cyber safety, Changing Social Structure and Media Literacy.

Know more about Macmillan at www.macmillaneducation.inz 

About Macmillan Education:

Macmillan Education India (MEI) has an unrivalled reputation in the school market. MEI produces curriculum resources in both print and digital form and offer assessments along with teacher training. MEI has been in the school and higher education market in India for over 120 years and is today partnering with over 15,000 schools and reaching over 10 million learners. It is quite probable that every child from a private school in India would have read Macmillan Education content at some stage of life.

About Springer Nature:

Macmillan Education is part of Springer Nature, a leading global research, educational and professional publisher, home to an array of respected and trusted brands providing quality content through a range of innovative products and services. Springer Nature is the world’s largest academic book publisher, publisher of the world’s most influential journals and a pioneer in the field of open research. The company numbers almost 13,000 staff in over 50 countries. Springer Nature was formed in 2015 through the merger of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media.

Visit www.springernature.com and follow @SpringerNature.

For more information, please contact Macmillan Education India.


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