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Kyungsung University Unlocks Experience-First Networking Across its Campus with Juniper Networks

Seoul, South Korea:

Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced that Kyungsung University has upgraded to a reliable, stable and secure networking infrastructure built on Juniper’s wired solutions, next-generation firewalls and HealthBot, creating a smart campus learning experience for its students in Busan, South Korea’s second largest city.


Especially with the ongoing pandemic, greatly increased speed and capacity requirements have been placed on the university’s networks, due in part to the significant bandwidth demands of remote learning. Data-intensive, high-definition lecture videos need to be hosted and accessed thousands of times, creating significant strain on the university’s existing network infrastructure.


To ensure its network could continue supporting a smart campus environment conducive to learning, Kyungsung University embarked on a project to upgrade its dated network systems to a new, high-speed and high-capacity network infrastructure capable of delivering an optimized and secure end-user experience for its students, faculty and staff. In addition, the ability to better integrate automation capabilities was also a key priority to allow for actionable insights translating into improved management and cost efficiencies for the university’s network administrators over time.


Juniper® solutions fulfilled these criteria and Juniper was selected by the university for the network upgrade. With its reliable, stable and secure refreshed network, Kyungsung University has unlocked a smarter campus experience for its students, faculty and staff members alike – powering seamless learning, teaching and management experiences, whether on-campus or off.


News Highlights


  • Juniper solutions address the growing networking infrastructure needs of Kyungsung University in terms of speed, capacity and bandwidth, while also helping provide a transformative smart campus experience.
  • Juniper Networks® QFX10002 and EX4600 Switches deliver highly-scalable yet cost-effective solutions that improve Kyungsung University’s network reliability and agility, all while optimizing the end-user experience.
  • The Juniper SRX4100 Service Gateway offers a next-generation security solution that supports the growing security needs of Kyungsung University’s network, while also providing network administrators with the application visibility and control crucial to ensuring a safe and secure end-user experience.
  • Juniper’s HealthBot provides Kyungsung’s network administrators the ability to translate real-time analytics into actionable insights, allowing them to easily monitor and evaluate their network infrastructure in a cost-efficient manner.

Supporting Quotes:


“As we transitioned to remote and hybrid learning, we realized the need to build a fast, stable and secure network to ensure our students, faculty and staff have always-on access to the resources and learning materials they require. With the deployment of the solutions from Juniper Networks, speed and bandwidth issues are now behind us. Furthermore, we are pleased that the Juniper’s HealthBot has helped us identify and resolve network infrastructure issues proactively so our courses are delivered with the best experience possible. These upgrades have laid the foundation for a stellar networking end-user experience both on and off campus, and we look forward to further enhancing the smart campus experience for all of our stakeholders alongside Juniper going forward.”


Jin Woo Kim, Chief of Information and Computing Institute, Kyungsung University


“The pandemic has caused a major shift in the education sector, with many leading educational institutions such as Kyungsung University making the pivot toward remote and hybrid learning. We are honoured that Kyungsung has selected Juniper Networks to address these ever-growing demands on the network and to partner with them in their transformative journey to provide a smart campus experience. We are confident that Kyungsung University will be able to continue providing the high-quality campus experiences its end users have come to expect for time to come.”


Ki Byung Chai, Country Manager, Korea, Juniper Networks


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