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KloudLearn Announces the Launch of Its Learning Experience Platform (LXP)


Cupertino, CA, United States & Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:
 KloudLearn, the innovator in Autonomous Learning Solutions, today announced the launch of its Learning Experience Platform (LXP). KloudLearn LXP delivers a highly engaging and personalized corporate training experience.
One of the biggest challenges that Learning and Development (L&D) administrators face is engaging employees in training. This lack of engagement leads to insufficient training participation and low course completion rates.
KloudLearn is one of the most modern Autonomous Learning Platforms and is anchored on seminal research conducted by Harvard Business School as outlined in the HBR article – “Educating the Next Generation of Leaders”. The key tenets are the following:

  • Learning needs to be personalized
  • Learning needs to have a social dimension
  • Learning needs to be contextualized.
  • Learning outcomes need to be transparently tracked and (in some cases) authenticated.

By integrating learning content from multiple sources, recommending, and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), KloudLearn aims to help organizations deliver contextual and personalized Corporate Training. KloudLearn LXP with its intuitive user interface delivers an integrated learning experience to the modern workforce across all stages: Initial Onboarding, Ongoing training, compliance certifications, and Re-skilling.
By leveraging KloudLearn LXP, L&D administrators can set up effective and personalized training environments effortlessly. Firstly, KloudLearn LXP can recommend diverse interactive learning content based on one’s role and interests to complete an employee’s learning objectives. Thereby, organizations are able to attract the best talent, retain them and re-tool them to reflect the changing business strategies and goals. Secondly, organizations can also provide their employees with a rich learning experience consisting of engaging courses, assessments, webinars, and external courses from content marketplaces. It also helps organizations boost learner engagement by adding AI-based content recommendations and gamification. Finally, KloudLearn’s social learning features help create an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst employees. The following depicts a comparison of LXP relative to more traditional LMS solutions.

Who Controls the Contents? LMS Administrator User and Peer group
Who controls the journey? LMS Administrator User and Learners
Content Delivery Push Pull
Learning Approach Theoretical practical
Learning Pace Instructor-Led Self-Paced
Personalization Minimal Highly Personalized
Social Dimension Individual Learning Group
Goal Compliance Continuous Learning

Mr. Prashant Hariharan, Marketing Director, KloudLearn commented “The KloudLearn LXP is a huge leap from old outdated legacy learning management systems. The AI-powered recommendation engine suggests learning resources based on relevancy to the individual employee’s competency. This provides learners with a seamless and highly intuitive user experience.”
As organizations shift from expensive, in-person classroom training to eLearning, KloudLearn LXP will enable organizations to be more nimble in this current environment, where remote learning is often the only option available. This particularly comes at a critical time, when KloudLearn’s enterprise customers are working to provide high-quality professional Learning and Development opportunities to upskill their remote teams.
“It’s no surprise the future of software will largely feature AI and Machine Learning. We at KloudLearn want to be at the forefront of this shift in the Learning and Development market,” said Hariharan. “Keeping this in mind, I am particularly excited about how the LXP features will improve workforce productivity while delivering a highly effective Training experience.”
With the addition of the new AI-powered LXP, KloudLearn is here to assist you from finding courses, to mapping them to employees’ core competencies, syncing them with your LMS to increasing engagement and improving your L&D programs.
The LXP features are available along with the KloudLearn LMS for no additional cost.
Additionally, the KloudLearn LMS is available free of charge for customer segments of less than 100 users. For larger user groups, KloudLearn offers a graduated discount schedule. KloudLearn pricing can be reviewed here.

About KloudLearn

KloudLearn is an innovative provider of AI-powered SAAS-delivered Autonomous Learning platforms. KloudLearn leverages core capabilities in Personalization, Social Networking, Contextualization, and Analytics in order to deliver a PLC (Personalized Learning Cloud). With operations in Silicon Valley, USA and Chennai, India, and partners globally, KloudLearn supports Clients [Commercial, Educational, and Government] and Partners globally. KloudLearn provides 24X7 Customer Support to its clients.

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