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Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation Takes Charge for a Better Life of the Underprivileged

  • Mrs.Mrs. Rakhi Basu, Founder, Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation with the children of Don Bosco Night School and Father Bikash Mondal, Principal, Don Bosco School, Park Circus at the School


Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation, a non-profit and non-political social organization completed a highly challenging year to work towards meeting the needs of the less fortunate children.
In the year 2018, Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation’s works focused on the slums in and around North Kolkata were linked with The Ramakrishna Mission (ICDS project) on an effort to bring about significant social emancipation. An educated child has a better ability to think, create, and express themselves freely. But there are many children that belong to the more deprived section of society and cannot afford to buy books, bags or the necessary study materials to support a stable education. Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation worked towards improving this situation and distributed study materials like bags, bottles, stationeries, storybooks and textbooks to about 2,300 children. They also donated essential equipment for cognitive development such as puzzles, musical games, plasticine, whiteboards, magnets, magnifying glasses, abacuses, and weighing scales to 115 schools. These interactive apparatuses will not only make the regular study sessions more interesting for the children, but they will also cater to the child’s mental and physical development.
“Our main motive is focused on the children of this country. We believe that the world can only do as well as it plans and develops its future. We live in a country that is constantly battling against social ills related to the development of underprivileged children, the most crucial being their education, and their mental well-being. Yet there is a highly considerable difference in our country’s many cities’ efforts to organize resources to make available to meet the everyday needs of these children. It is for this reason that in the past year, we at JBMF decided to take certain initiatives to push for the betterment of the younger lives of Kolkata,” said Mrs. Rakhi Basu, Founder, Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation.
The foundation also conducted “Daan Utsav”, in order to spread the joy of Durga Puja season among those who didn’t have the luxury of buying new clothes during the festive time. “Daan Utsav” also known as the “The Week of Spreading Joy” is the festival of philanthropy. The event was held at Harnavi in Chakraborty Para. JBMF team distributed new clothes among the women and children making sure they start their festivities with more than what they had before.
Towards the end of the year, JBMF organized two successful Christmas Carnivals during which the children who are not usually able to celebrate were able to receive an early, joyous Christmas filled with many presents, visits from Santa himself, and a whole array of fun and interactive activities. The first Carnival was hosted in Nivedita Udyan Park near Bagbazar where children between the ages of approximately 3 to 7 years, from the surrounding area and its slums, had the opportunity to eat delicious food, participate in carnival rides such as a bouncy castle, merry go rounds, and they were able to play with balloons and streamers and toys. For the second Carnival, about 180 little souls came from the slums around Keyatala Area. During both these events, JBMF made sure to hand out necessities for education such as stationery, books, bags, etc. They handed out winter wear as well for the children. JBMF have associated themselves with many schools like Hare School, Don Bosco, and Sulanguri Colony Para FP School and renowned organizations like Ramakrishna Mission, Help Us Help Them, Kolkata Gives Foundation, Friends of Tribals Society and Shri Guru Seva Trust so that by collaborating they work with more determination and efficiency.

About Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation

Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation is a non-profit, non-political social organization founded by Mrs. Rakhi Basu in 2011, to work for the betterment of a sustainable and more equipped tomorrow. This is an earnest endeavour to work with grassroot initiatives in order to bring about a positive change in the lives of the lesser privileged people of the society.