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It’s Students’ First at SPJSGM

S P Jain School of Global Management (SPJSGM) conducted an Open Day event at Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru recently. The event was organized for prospective Business Students, and also to give them an opportunity to experience a day at SPJSGM even before they join.
A similar event was conducted on July 23, 2017 located at Regus, Centre No. 834, Trade Centre G/F & 1st Floor, Bandra East, Mumbai, which was simultaneously, relayed to their students in Bengaluru at Quest offices pvt ltd, 10th Floor, Raheja Towers, M G Road, Bengaluru- 560001
The Open Day session gave a glimpse on the eminence of lectures that the students would be experiencing during their tenure with SPJSGM. The highlight of the event was an exclusive invitation-only session on Design Thinking and Decision-Making by two of SPJSGM’s top international faculty and known experts in the field – Dr. CJ Meadows and Professor Christopher Abraham.
Commenting on Decision Making, Professor Christopher Abraham said, “The most critical skill for a 21st Century leader or manager is the ability to take the right kind of decision in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Ironically the human brain is prone to irrational decisions even by experienced professionals which results in economic and business disasters.

However the good news is that the brain can actually be trained to take better decisions. At S P Jain School of Global Management all our programs are geared towards training and preparing high quality decision makers who can thrive in the highly volatile and competitive global business environment.”
Giving a peep into what can be achieved by Design Thinking, Dr C.J Meadows, Director of i2i – The Innovation & Insight Centre at SPSGM, shed light on the subject by asking pertinent questions starting with, “How do the world’s most innovative companies outperform the rest (3X income growth, 2X ROA)? How can we create initiatives in business, government, charity, and beyond that provide radical value and engaging acceptance, like the iPod, the mouse, Singapore MOM (4 hours of service in 10 minutes), and PEEK (a mobile clinic for $500, not $150,000)? A great place to start is Design Thinking (DT), honed by award-winning design & innovation firm IDEO, which originated Bank of America’s Keep the Change Program (USD 3.1 billion of savings across 12 million customers). In this interactive session DT-Intro, Dr. Meadows introduced DT tools & techniques from IDEO, shared stories of remarkable innovations, and lead creative exercises. 
The event was followed by Q&A between the students and professors that left the students wanting for more such interactions in their days to come.

About S P Jain School of Global Management (SPJSGM)

S P JAIN SCHOOL OF GLOBAL MANAGEMENT is a business school of Indian origin that offers an Australian degree. It has campuses in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai. Their Full Time MBA and Global MBA programs have significant recognition as evinced through global rankings.

Forbes: Top 10 Best International 1 Year MBAs (2015 – 16)
The Economist: Top 100 Fulltime MBAs worldwide (2015)
Forbes: Top 20 Best International Business Schools (2013 – 14)
Financial Times: Top 100 Global MBA programs (2011 and 2012)