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Imarticus Learning Acquires Game-Based Learning Platform Stratonboard

The second acquisition in Imarticus Learning’s list of many M&As, the deal will be a value addition for its academic partners while being a game-changer for future learning as it brings in synergies through a new pedagogical approach  

Continuing its streak of acquisitions, Imarticus Learning, India’s front-running professional education firm, has acquired StratOnboard, a game-based learning platform. The acquisition has been executed via a combination of cash and equity for an undisclosed amount. Through the acquisition, Imarticus Learning will bring in unique differentiators in the form of epistemic games – the future of learning. As its second acquisition, StratOnboard is a strategic fit to Imarticus Learning’s overall ecosystem and aligns with its multiple business segments, including Enterprise, Academic, Retail, and Consumer. The firm has more such acquisitions planned with a set amount earmarked for the same this year.

The Stratonboard products simulate business environments, builds social and peer learning, builds completive elements, and capture realistic business constraints to help learners discover, experiment and explore business decisions. Their solutions are carefully crafted, validated by research and outcome driven. Their existing products range from onboarding solutions, micro simulations, game based learning and strong AI driven assessments to gauge leaners proficiencies and skills set.

With future-proof learning pedagogy, StratOnboard’s game-based learning will have wider implications, like facilitating learning at a large scale with strong retention and engagement amongst the learners. Imarticus Learning will acquire the IP and patents to StratOnboard’s existing products and build on newer products and solutions for the industry at large. Given the platform’s larger distribution network in enterprise business, the StratOnboard acquisition is a great value addition to its existing portfolio from corporate training, talent solutions, e-learning content solutions, to game-based learning.

Their proprietary games, leverage cutting edge technology such as AI, branching conversational algorithms , authoring engine that has ability to build learning ecosystem to train on process, functional, technical and behavioural with game mechanics as foundation, is truly futuristic learning.

The product offerings fall in line with Imarticus Learning’s international expansion plans that include the Middle East and North Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, the Americas, and Sri Lanka. With the concept of the Metaverse gaining rapid traction, the 3D game element could potentially enable Imarticus to pivot into the Metaverse learning.

The strategic deal will add significant value to Imarticus Learning’s existing clientele, academic partners and will be a game-changer for future learning. The deal will further augment Imarticus Learning’s existing offerings, allowing the platform to offer a wide variety of learning solutions, enabling evidence-based learnings and a world-class experience under a single umbrella. For starters, Imarticus Learning offers to the corporates, a variety of HR and L&D solutions to ensure that every solution is customised to their requirements. With 500+ trainers, 4000+ corporate training days, 2800+ e-learning hours, we are fully poised to enable the corporate workforce transformation journey via StratOnboard’s unique game-based learning capabilities.

Speaking on the acquisition, Mr Nikhil Barshikar, Founder and CEO of Imarticus Learning, said, “We are pleased to onboard the StratOnboard team. Imarticus Learning has always been committed to offering learners a holistic, engaging, and best-in-class learning experience. StratOnboard’s unique solutions will allow them to experience the future of learning through applied learning games. Besides, learners will also be able to experience real business challenges and learn to make decisions in the real world. StratOnboard will bolster our offerings and allow learners to hone their decision-making, problem-solving, and analytical skillsets, amongst others. This is a valuable move in our journey, and we look forward to working closely with the StratOnboard team to build a new pedagogical approach to learning.”

“We are thrilled to be associated with Imarticus Learning, a platform that has a proven record of offering one the world’s finest learning experiences through its all-encompassing, meticulously designed curriculum and experienced faculty. StratOnboard has developed a one-of-a-kind solution that provides learners with technology-enabled stimulatory solutions and evidence-based assessment frameworks that construct skill profiles through analytics. When talks of the acquisition came up, we knew that this was the most logical choice – being a part of a futuristic organization to work towards a greater mission,” added Mr Sandeep Rambhatla, Founder of StratOnboard.