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How to Write an Essay on Modern Technology


With the vast advancement in technology, there has been an unmeasurable impact on human life. Technology has had great influence on the society at large. Most countries in the world have developed rapidly due to the encroachment of technology. Technology has helped stimulate the economic sector. Many businesses have grown and improved because of technology. Additionally, Communication has been enhanced, and people can communicate and interact globally through various platforms. The impact technology has had on the society is indeed massive. However, modern technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

Specifics of writing an essay on technology

Writing a paper on technology necessitates precision, clarity, and consistency in presenting your thoughts and ideas. When writing an essay on technology you ought to be precise and clear in how you present your ideas. Your audience should not encounter difficulties trying to comprehend. Your article also ought to have consistency so as not to mislead your reader(s).

Tips on how to write an essay on technology

As a student in college, you ought to be prepared to handle any paper, and since essay writing is a mandatory task in college, it is crucial that you are well equipped with the proficient writing skills. Additionally, you ought to know and understand the features of a paper. Writing an essay on technology is not as difficult as many students may believe to be. To write a paper on technology, writers from Perfect Essay recommend you put the following tips into consideration:

  • Choose a topic. Select a topic which you can familiarize yourself with and one which will not be challenging for you to handle. Having a topic will allow you to write about something specific rather than technology. For instance, you can write about the influence of modern technology on the society.
  • Conduct extensive research. Doing research allows you to gather as much information as possible to include in your essay. Additionally, it enlightens you more about technology itself as well as what impact it has had on the society.
  • Use a mind map. A mind map helps you organize your points to avoid mixing them up. Additionally, it helps make your research more comfortable as you will be able to look for information quickly.
  • Draft an outline. An outline is essential in essay writing. It helps you have a rough draft of how your article ought to appear. Moreover, it helps simplify the writing process as you will have the information you need ready. An outline also helps your paper to have a smooth a systematic flow.
  • Have an introduction. The vitality of an introduction in essay writing is that it introduces the audience to your article. Incorporate a hook for your introduction. It will help capture the attention of your reader(s) and make them interested in reading your paper.
  • Develop a thesis statement. A thesis statement is fundamental on essay writing as it holds the central argument in the topic. Additionally, it helps you develop strong body paragraphs for your article. The thesis statement is usually found in the introductory paragraph.
  • Develop strong body paragraphs. The body of an essay is crucial as it seeks to explain further what the article is about. It is also the main content of your paper. The body of your paper should entail detailed explanations of your assertions and evidence to support them. Remember to begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence.
  • Use transition sentences. Transitions help you establish a logical connection or relationship between the sentences and paragraphs in your article. Furthermore, they help to distinguish a point from another.
  • The conclusion. The conclusion of an article helps show the audience that your paper has come to an end. Conclude your essay with a statement which enlightens your audience of something new or calls them to action. An article on technology can inform your audience of something they did not know as well as alert them of the disadvantages of modern technology on society.

Common mistakes when writing an essay on technology

No one is perfect. We are all used to making mistakes. While in college, you can errors while writing your paper which is not a bad thing. However, you need to ensure you correct them before handing over your article. This will help you attract more readers to your paper as well as give you good grades. Some of the common mistakes students can make while writing an essay on technology include:

  • Misunderstanding the topic. It is evident that many students misunderstand the topic before writing their articles. For instance, a student can write an essay about the advantages of technology instead of the impact technology has had on society.
  • Lack of evidence. Some students do not support their claims. They state them and briefly describe without stating the reasons as to why they came up with those claims.
  • Many students forward their articles without going through them. This makes them have poor grades since their papers may have many mistakes and hence the audience may quickly lose interest in such article.

Final notes

In conclusion, when writing an essay on modern technology, it is crucial you know what modern technology is as well as the specifics of writing such an essay. You also need to note the impact it has had on the society. Moreover, you need to conduct ample research and read widely to come up with concrete points for your article. The tips stated above can be helpful when writing such an essay.