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How To Write A Computer Science Research Paper

Are you thinking about writing a Computer Science Research Paper? In this blog post, we outline everything you need to consider before getting started. It would seem to us that you already have an interest in Computer Science or you are studying the subject at University; have you chosen your topic of discussion yet? Select a branch of Computer Science with a relatively narrow scope so as to avoid extensive research and analysis in numerous different fields, and aim to tackle an existing problem(s) in current systems and processes. We hope you find this article useful!

Writing a Computer Science Paper

4 Simple Steps to keep you on Track:

  • Identify the problem you will write about
  • Set out your long-term and short-term objectives/hypothesis/questions
  • Justify the problem and provide a clear explanation for why it requires a solution
  • Make a case for your solution to the problem


Define your Topic

Once you have chosen your topic of research, you will be in a position to begin investigating current debates and discussions on your chosen topic. Read about fundamental problems that exist, read solutions that have already presented, and rejected. Learn why other solutions have failed to succeed and use this knowledge to craft your own. Define your solution through knowledgeable decision-making processes and do your research until you are certain you have everything you need to proceed.

Craft a Strategy

Feel satisfied with your research and can’t wait to get started? The next stage is all about planning. A Computer Science Research Paper with no strategy is unlikely to flow well and tick all the boxes. Consider everything that needs to be done, write it down and prioritize accordingly from start to finish. Schedule specific tasks for different times, work according to your schedule, manage your plan efficiently and reap the benefits when it comes to beginning the writing.

Get Practical Planning

Consider all the actual tasks required to help you achieve your goal and write them down in order of importance. You may need to carry out systems analysis, testing procedures, systems implementation, risk analysis, evaluations and so on. Throughout your research phases, you should determine all practical tasks that need to be carried out and what equipment you require to complete each stage successfully.

Risk Analysis

The last thing you want is to present a solution to a problem without carrying out a comprehensive risk analysis. Discuss the potential risks that could arise in your Computer Science Research Paper, the severity of the risks and the likelihood of them occurring. Further proceed to discuss ways in which these risks can be prevented, or alleviated in cases where prevention is not possible.

Target your Audience

It is essential for you to know who you are targeting so that you can write in a reader-friendly manner that communicates the message well. Who is your intended readership? What do you wish for them to gain from reading your research paper? Asking yourself these questions will help you deliver a more enjoyable reader experience which could, in turn, enhance your positioning in your chosen field. Knowing who will be reading your paper will assist you in knowing what to include, for example, the glossary of technical terms, guided sections, etc.

Structured Research

All the research carried out for your Computer Science Research Paper might seem to drag on, but if you structure it correctly, you will save yourself time in the long run and increase organization throughout the process. Split your various research paths and pursue each one individually without merging it all into one big pile of information. As you will be aware, it is crucial that you check your sources and verify them as reliable before referencing them. Help yourself by starting a bibliography in the initial stages and note down any ideas, sources or anything else you might like to see the outcome.

Drafting Stages

By the time you have completed your first draft, you should have a collection of clear and precisely worded sections covering each of the main headers required for a successful Computer Science Research Paper. All articles should be structured leading up to a clear-cut conclusion that includes all concepts and arguments collected throughout the research stages.

Useful Tip: Draw a diagram or write an outline displaying the relationships between all concepts and arguments to be presented, have your final draft proofread by interested readers and make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

Aim for a super smooth-flowing reader experience from start to finish. Good luck and if you have any questions, please welcome to visit us at Advanced Writers or leave a comment in the section below.