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How to Prolong Your Laptop’s Life Throughout College

Your computer is the most important device in college. It is hard to imagine modern studies without a personal laptop. The recent global pandemic emphasized the importance of tech not only for doing your homework but attending classes in some instances. Notably, laptops are not the most affordable of purchases. Naturally, you would want to prolong its life.

And considering the excessive usage of this device, you should put a conscious effort into it. Luckily, there are a few things to tweak for ensuring your laptop stays with you for a long ride. At the very least, throughout college. So, here are a few habits you’d need to develop to forget about laptop issues altogether.

Timely updates for Laptop's Life

Follow Battery Health Guidelines

The first thing to tackle is prolonging your laptop’s battery life. It’s only logical that the better a battery functions, the longer your laptop will serve you. The moment your computer will require more charging, you’d want to pay closer attention to its maintenance. So, to prevent it from crashing when you’re ordering you’re searching for paper writer service, follow these simple rules:

  • Do not let your battery die. If you’re running your battery to the ground, it will surely not work for long. Make sure that you put your computer on charge when it’s at 40%.
  • Do not keep your laptop on charge for too long either. After it’s fully charged, do not keep it plugged in for hours. It exhausts the battery quite badly.
  • Avoid exposure to too cold or too hot environments. You’ve probably noticed that your battery is running out much faster in the frost. And that’s not a good sign.

Timely Updates

You’ve probably seen your message to install new updates on your computer. And you for sure have delayed those for another day. And then one more. As much as it’s annoying to wait for your laptop to install everything and restart, these updates are necessary for proper functioning. So, do not neglect them next time.

Notably, making sure that everything is up to date, concerns not only the operating system of your laptop. Take care of all the software as well. Make sure everything runs in sync and does not slow down your device. It might seem harmless but outdated software causes much trouble in the long run. Do not let it happen too quickly. Just press the “install now” button.

Clean Inside-Out

Another thing that helps your laptop to thrive is proper cleaning. And that means taking care of both hardware and operating systems. Be sure to clean all the openings and all the surfaces. If dust collects there, it could slow down your computer. So, take a toothpick and spend some time cleaning all the openings. Use compressed air to clean the keyboard.

Take the same good care of your operating systems and applications. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Do not run multiple apps at the same time. Unless you’re having an intense study session, there’s no need to have a million tabs open simultaneously.
  • Clean Cookies. Get rid of all the unnecessary files that take up space and slow down your computer.
  • Cleaning Software. Install good cleaning software to clean all the hidden files that pile up.

Keep Food and Drinks Away

This one is a no-brainer. But it is not always followed as well as it should be. Admit it. You’ve probably had numerous cups of tea and snacks when working on your homework. It might save you some time. But it is not great for your computer in the long run. Even if you don’t spill your drink all over it, crumbs will collect under the keyboard buttons in no time.

Thus, it makes cleaning the device more difficult. Not to mention the unpleasant cracks of those crumbs when typing. They can even jam one of your buttons if there are too many. So, don’t let your snacking habits become a disaster for your laptop maintenance. You’ll definitely have to pay much more for the professional cleaning in the end.

Use Antivirus Software

The internet is not a safe place. Of course, you cannot avoid using it. But you have to be mindful of all the dangers. It’s not necessary to visit sketchy websites to get malware. A random pop-up ad can do more damage than you think. And sometimes, a website would redirect you to downloading malware without you even noticing.

Viruses are getting smarter. However, so does antivirus software. Make sure to invest in a proper antivirus program and keep it updated. Do some research and ask around about the best options, You wouldn’t want to blow your budget on it. But you’d better install one effective antivirus instead of trying a bunch of cheap and meaningless ones.

Keep It Safe

Finally, remember that the simplest way to crash a computer is to let it fall. It’s easy to forget how fragile your laptop is. Make sure that it’s always protected physically. Carry your laptop in a case, so it’s always cushioned. Or make sure that it’s in a compartment of your bag that is specifically designed for laptops.

Thus, even if you drop your bag, you can be sure your computer is unharmed. But don’t forget about regular safety measures yourself. Do not keep your laptop on the edge of high surfaces. Avoid typing when holding it on your knees. It might sound like common sense. But that’s what makes these maintenance tips effective. So, follow them carefully.

Wrapping Up

And that’s about it. To prolong your laptop’s life, pay attention to your battery health guidelines. Keep your device properly charged and out of extreme temperatures. Make sure that you’re installing all the necessary updates as well. Do not be lazy to properly clean your laptop inside-out. Forget about snacking when working on your computer. Plus, do not neglect antivirus software before browsing the web. And finally, do not forget to keep your laptop from physical harm.