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How to Build Rewarding Career in Digital Marketing in 2018

The Digital Marketing is currently experiencing an all-time high phase, giving way to numerous opportunities for those wanting to build a career in the industry. The Digital Marketing wave is at the highest point right now, and hence it is the best time to become a part of the fastest growing industry in the world.

With all the hype that is created, Digital Marketing skills are one of the most demanded ones at present. With more and more population getting connected to the web, this industry has a long way to go. The number of businesses going digital today is increasing rapidly. Thus, creating place for more Digital Marketing skills.

Why is Digital Marketing career a rewarding one?

It would be a life-changing decision deciding whether to study further or change the career path altogether. You might want to assess the benefits of a career in Digital Marketing to come to a conclusion and make a wise choice. Here are some of the benefits, which are surely going to flatter you.

  • A vast number of Job Opportunities- An article published in Times of India reported creation of over 8 lakh jobs in Digital Marketing industry in the year 2017. Although this number includes jobs for all the facets in Digital Marketing as a Career, availability of technical and analytic skilled professionals is always going to be in short supply as compared to the demand for the same. A steady rise in number of vacancies is being noticed on various job portals. Hence, those trying to make a career can rest assured about the placements in the Digital Marketing field.
  • Good Pay Package- It is a known fact that the availability of skilled Digital Marketing professionals is short in supply as compared to its ever increasing demand. Siting this reason a professional in this field command a higher pay when compared to other industries. For a fresher with no experience an average salary of 15-20k is expected. Where as a Head of Digital Marketing in a reputed firm may earn anywhere between 2.5-3 lakhs per month.
  • Increasing smartphone users in India – As per the reports of US media agency Zenith, India is expected to cross 520 million smartphone users in 2018. The number of users is increasing at an alarming rate, thanks to technology and affordable internet plans. In the recent years, the stats have doubled quickly as compared to previous years which took a decade for stats to double up. With all the latest statistic reports, it is believed that India will cross 730 M internet users by 2020.

Thanks to all these factors, the Digital Marketing space is currently no less than a gold mine. The above factors greatly contribute to the creation of numerous job opportunities for skilled Digital Marketing professionals. However, to create a successful and rewarding career, one cannot solely depend on these external factors. There are certain traits and efforts that need to come from the professional himself, in order to create a niche for him. Let us get a glimpse of how can one build a rewarding career for him in the Digital Marketing industry.

  • Willingness to learn- Learning never goes out of fashion. People who are willing to learn achieve great heights. This thumb rule is applicable in all walks of life, including those aspiring to make a career in Digital Marketing.  It is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world. In order to build a rewarding career it is important to have passion for learning. Passion and desire to succeed is all that is needed to prosper in this industry.
  • Recognized Certification– I order to get started, it is essential to complete a recognized certification course from reputed institutes, like Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Course which efficiently prepare candidates for the industry atmosphere. Its expert recommended syllabus and broad range of skill sets gives candidates the competitive edge.
  • Stay Updated– Digital marketing industry is one of the most dynamic industries currently. With rapidly increasing number of internet users, digital marketing is growing at an alarming pace with new additions in the strategy, technology and much more. To keep up with the industry standards, one has to constantly update his knowledge and digital skills.
  • Put your creativity to use-Digital marketing is all about creative ideas, skills and methodologies. Though there are established standards, one can always add a personal creative touch to projects to make them unique. If you have an idea, which is creative and different, it should always be presented and tried out. Only then you will stand out of the crowd and make a mark for yourself.
  • Experience Counts– Hands-on experience is the most important aspect of a rewarding Digital Marketing career. Experience, big or small will help you in learning many new things and help you create ideas of your own. Initial projects offered may not be paid. This shouldn’t prevent you from taking up the work. Many a time unpaid jobs teach you the best lessons.
  • Effective Networking– Building network with people of your industry, and those more capable than you will help you in learning new things and help you overcome difficulties. When you have a network of same industry people, there are bound to be gatherings, discussions, debates and so on. Social media platforms are also a great way of improving your network. With a field advancing so quickly, networking will help Digital Marketing professionals to stay updated with various developments of the field and thus shape up the marketing career in the long run.

In order to have a rewarding career in the field of Digital Marketing, it is important to keep pace with the industrial waves. With rapid growth in the number of internet users, Digital Marketing is soaring at the top. More and more technological and internet inventions are on its way.  

Through this article, an attempt has been made to list down few personal and industrial characteristics that will help in making your Digital Marketing career rewarding. Hope this turns out to be a helpful piece of information to all the Digital Marketing aspirants.