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Guru Randhawa Partners with Whiz League, to Revolutionize the Future of Learning


New Delhi, Delhi, India:

  • Guru Randhawa partners with an EdTech startup to offer affordable, pre-recorded courses featuring industry leaders.
  • Whiz League is a learning and career-launching platform that enables one to not only learn from experts but also potentially collaborate with them.
  • Featured experts include: Guru Randhawa, Priyank Sukhija, Chef Ranveer Brar, Mukesh Chhabra.

In an effort to create equal opportunities and inspire more people to turn their passions into professions, Guru Randhawa joined Whiz League, as a strategic partner. Whiz League is a learning EdTech startup that offers pre-recorded courses by industry experts and leading new age professions. These courses share invaluable insights, techniques, strategies, and compress decades of learning into short, HD video modules.
Launched on 13th April 2021, the platform operates the courses via its own Whiz League app & website ( Following its tagline, “A Genius Way of Learning”, the main concept of the platform is to focus on making practical industry learning and workings more accessible to all.
Co-Founded by Natasha Jain and Sonia A Bajaj, Whiz League is the brainchild of a duo of power-packed women entrepreneurs who have envisioned education to be based on real world learning that is self-paced and affordable for all. “We had noticed a gap between the skillset and knowledge base between aspiring professionals and established industry experts and wanted to create a platform that provided affordable access to priceless insights from such industry experts,” says Sonia A Bajaj.
The platform currently includes courses in the field of hospitality, culinary, films, and music featuring master-chef Ranveer Brar, king of Bollywood casting Mukesh Chhabra, ace restaurateur Priyank Sukhija, and the legendary Guru Randhawa himself.
“In addition to just being a learning platform, we wanted to give people an opportunity to boost their career by presenting them with a golden opportunity to collaborate with experts via Whiz Launchpad,” adds Natasha Jain. Whiz Launchpad is a unique opportunity that allows users to submit an assignment from which the best assignment gets the exceptional chance to collaborate with an industry expert. The nature of these collaborations could include 1-1 mentorship, funding, paid work assignments, fast-tracked auditions, and more.
In addition to being a Whiz Expert, Guru Randhawa plays a critical leadership role in the organization. Excited about the venture he says, “Whiz League is here to revolutionize learning and make many dreams come true.”

About Whiz League

Whiz League is one of India’s most revolutionary e-learning and career launching platforms offering pre-recorded courses from the finest industry experts. This web and app-based platform allows young adults to get affordable access to invaluable insights and learning the nuts and bolts of the specific industry from the industry leaders themselves.

Apart from just learning, it also allows people to boost their careers through the Whiz Launchpad by potentially collaborating with these experts in the form of 1-1 mentorship, paid work projects, fast-tracked auditions, and more. 
About the Founders
Ms. Natasha Jain is a Master Degree Holder in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and is a serial entrepreneur with Bent Chair being her 3rd successful venture. She has previously founded the ed-tech company Freshmentors and the fin-tech startup Ruplee which got acquired by Paylo. She is also the co-founder for the restaurant retail concept Plum by Bent Chair for which she has been awarded the women entrepreneur of the year award.
Ms. Sonia Agarwal Bajaj is a graduate from Babson College, an inspiring woman social entrepreneur, and founder of award winning international early learning center ‘Little Chipper International’. Recognised as an ‘Outstanding Leadership’ by Education World 2020-21, she is also honoured as one of the top 50 most innovative student entrepreneurs in the world by Kairos Society. She previously founded Whitenife, which was one of the largest marketplaces for ethical gifting and fashion

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