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Great Story That Brought Back the Lost Glory by Amandeep Sandhu – Shepherd of Sherwood

Nainital, Uttarakhand, India:
 Sherwood, the story of success lies not in the charm but in the students who are shaping the country from long 151 years. This story is also going to describe shifting of Sherwood from one era to another and as an institution it has prepared students from Colonial era to this new millennium. 

But the hidden part of the story is that in this long run of a great institution it faced low perks and disputes of territories as there was no fund raiser for this social and Nobel cause. Certainly when quality is promised then money matters and in this long run of non- profiting setup crises emerged and crises increase with time and space. The story is also of changes that need a new leadership and also new thinking and perspective and the end of the story is Sherwood- a pioneer started facing troubles and problems. 

And then things started changing

And at that time entered a man with new ideas, fresh and enthusiastic, willingness to win and vision of development- Amandeep Sandhi, he was called “Shepherd of Sherwood”. Amandeep Sandhu was aware of that an institution with 151 years of history must rise to be the brightest star in the darkest nights. 

A visionary, Amandeep Sandhu also well aware of the situation that he will certainly face great challenges to bring the lost glory back and leaders never turn their back. The problems were diagnosed, the rotten customs and treatment started as they were removed to make the new dream start shaping. Amandeep Sandhu knew that dreamers are successful but only by hard work and therefore the dreams had to come true. This needed effort, patience and hard work. 

Story of changes

A new teaching style was adopted. The teachers no longer were just teachers. They became parents for the children. Amandeep Sandhu has a unique way of thinking. He every maintain, “The girls and boys who stayed for 8 months a year in the premises of Sherwood college must feel at home,” this thought turned into a dream, the dream took the shape of a vision and after 15 years of labour, by the time Sherwood college completed its 150 years of existence, had become a school that was inspiring all other education designs of the Indian subcontinent. 

World start noticing

Schools in India and outside started inviting Amandeep Sandhu to help them in creating this new education design which was making men out of boys and ladies out of timid girls.

The fabric Education designs in countries such as Bangladesh owe a lot to the Sherwood principal. When Sherwood was still in the process of this new avatar, Amandeep Sandhu was offered the leadership of top colleges and schools of the country but loyalty for Sherwood kept man serving. Amandeep Sandhu revived the lost glory of the greatest institution in India. 

The house spirits were restored, new teaching techniques were introduced and the unique design of a learning institution became the new robe of Sherwood College. Amandeep Sandhu has given to the nation, best athletes, officers with integrity and leaders in every field.

Dreams turn to reality

Today Sherwood has no scarcity of funds, no compromise with discipline and no disputed land issues. With best medical facility in Nainital, best teaching staff, remarkable healthy diet and overall development routines for students, Sherwood College is giving best results, in academics and sports, International exchange programmes are a regular initiative and students are being educated through the new education model.

Under the leadership of Amandeep Sandhu, Sherwood College rose to touch the unimagined heights of glory. 

At its zenith, Sherwood still looks forward to soaring to higher skies. This is the reason Amandeep Sandhu is called the man, the myth, the legend.