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Flexible, Customised, and Scalable – MakeMyLabs Enabling Organizations and Institutions with Learning Infrastructure as a Service

Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi:

 Remote learning and remote working are here to stay in the post-pandemic world. This is the new normal. Facilitating this fully digital shift, MakeMyLabs is offering Learning Infrastructure as a Service for organizations and institutions to function efficiently. With the forced digitization, organizations had to quickly adapt to systems and processes that let their employees work and learn from home. Similarly, educational institutions grappled with finding sustainable options for teaching/learning infrastructure with minimal learning disruptions. These unique challenges can be solved through MakeMyLab’s end-to-end Learning Infrastructure as a Service model.

Building alternate infrastructure for remote working or learning is expensive. MakeMyLabs cuts down the cost significantly by providing virtual environments that are customized and pre-configured based on the needs of the organization. In addition to customizing virtual labs to cater to tech L&D needs, MakeMyLabs also provides alternate infrastructure for remote work. Practice Labs or Sandbox Environments can be provisioned within a click based on user journeys. Organizations can monitor and track usage, assign VMs, and get detailed insights on user reports helping them manage their entire processes online.

In the case of educational institutions (especially, higher technical education) or training organizations, MakeMyLabs can be customized based on the specific needs of the curriculum, can be integrated with existing LMS, or online classrooms to enable hands-on practice for students wherever needed. Students can work upon projects, collaborate, and showcase their portfolio to employers. In addition to giving access to virtual tech labs, MakeMyLabs offers pre-configured, ready-to-learn labs and hundreds of catalogues to choose from. This removes the complexity in setting up labs for learning and enhances ease of access.

In recent times Infrastructure as a Service has become vastly popular due to the flexibility and modularity it offers the clients in setting up infrastructure for working and learning. Talking about the model, MakeMyLabs Founder, Keshava Raju commented, “We are deeply committed towards enabling our clients take the plunge into digital learning environments. MakeMyLabs infrastructure keeps the experiences not just at par, in fact, far superior than the traditional way of learning with its seamless integrations and easy to access virtual environment. The model is highly flexible and can be tailored according to the requirements of clients at any size or scale which is also one of the reasons we are the partners for cloud infrastructure for various reputed organizations of the world.”