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Faber-Castell’s CEO, Mr. Daniel Rogger, Visited India for the First Time Since Taking Over the Reigns of the Company in 2017

With 2.3 billion pencil production, Faber-Castell is the oldest and largest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils in the world, as well as the world’s leading supplier for high-quality products for writing, drawing and creative design. Faber-Castell has production sites in nine countries, sales companies in 23 countries and marketed in over 120 countries. With over 8,000 employees the company most recently generated annual turnover of around EUR 613 million 2017-18.
Together with his two board colleagues Dr. Hans-Kurt von Werder (CTO) and Mr. André Wehrhahn (CFO), Mr. Daniel Rogger not only visited the Company’s manufacturing unit in Goa which manufactures over a range of products including crayons, fabric paints, textliners and markers and employs over 500 people. He also took the opportunity to liaise with customers and visit the retail market.

With a strong commitment to ‘Make In India’ and a focus on quality and sustainability, Faber-Castell is looking to expand its reach and presence not only in the local market, but also to cultivate India as one of its manufacturing hubs to supply products to other relevant markets.
Daniel Rogger said: “For Faber-Castell, India is one of our global key markets, in which we intend to expand our business further to fully exploit our potential. With the socio-economic growth and a rising number of educational institutions such as schools and universities we see great opportunity to unleash creativity among adults and children alike. We have made big steps in the past 2 years, improving manufacturing, brand visibility, communication and distribution.”

Dr. Hans-Kurt von Werder (CTO) adds: “Our products developed and manufactured in India comply with our international Faber-Castell quality standards and thus are targeted not only for local but also for global distribution. Thanks to a creative and committed team at Faber-Castell India, a multi-disciplinary global team is developing smart solutions that meet the needs of our customers here and abroad.”