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EduTech Startup Coding Invaders by MentorsPro Planning to Educate More Than 10,00,000 Students Globally

New Delhi, Delhi, India:
 After successfully placing over 7000 students in data analytics jobs across the world, Coding Invaders, an IT online Academy by MentorsPro is planning to educate more than 10,00,000 students globally. The academy is seeing a successful placement of students in data analytics jobs in India coming from a non-mathematical and coding background.

Coding invaders work with the motive of making students job-ready. Whereas, there are plenty of students who take the courses while working to enhance skills and upscale professional growth. Amitawa Otter is one such example who decided to take a leap in his career in business management to recall his skills as a software engineer and learn new skills like SQL and Python by enrolling in a data analysis course at Coding Invaders.

Amitawa was convinced with the placement assistance offered by Coding Invader and took the opportunity. Talking about his decision he said, “In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about the program and how the courses will be, but then the platform and team looked promising and I took the program.” He says that he had a smooth journey at Coding which made him confident about skills that were earlier missing from his profile.

Roman Kumar Vyas, VP of Marketing and Co-founder at Coding Invaders by MentorsPro says, “We at Coding Invaders not only educate our students but also make them ready for the professional world. Our courses are designed in a way that people coming from different backgrounds can also avail themselves and be confident enough to switch careers and excel in the same.”

For the next 5 years, Coding Invaders by MentorsPro plans to educate more than 10,00,000 students and transform them into high-demand job-ready professionals. The company is enrolling a lot of students from non-tech backgrounds and training them as data analysts. Such students are often skeptical in the start but adequate structured courses offered by Coding Invaders help them to be an expert and seek a career in the IT industry.

On asking Amitawa how he feels about his course completion and how it has helped him, he says, “Earlier, I used to miss several opportunities due to restricting myself to a certain role and skills. After joining coding invaders, I rebuilt confidence in myself and started moving my career back to software. Coding Invaders has proven to be very helpful during the course with their 24*7 support and post the program, it provided different carrier support and counseling programs and also conducted mock interviews. It also hired a third party for successfully placing job applications and finding out different well-known companies.”

Coding Invaders by MentorsPro provides an interactive learning module of Data Analytics courses where resources are shared, and full-time support is provided. The academy encourages students to come up with questions and problems. Although Coding Invader’s courses are online, they have been structured for a wholesome learning experience. Students willing to join the courses need not worry about the background they come from as the courses are structured to prepare them from scratch to learn tougher concepts like SQL and Python. Instead of learning just through theory, Coding Invaders uses a very practical and immersive approach to teaching. Students deal with real-time data like YouTube data, IMDb data, Titanic data, and more so they have hands-on experience in the field.

Coding Invaders by MentorsPro is a global online education platform that teaches people “job-ready skills” in the IT industry. The EdTech platform is already present in 20+ countries and has also successfully trained employees of over 50 companies to become Data Scientists and Analysts. After entering India in 2020, Coding Invaders is now on its way to successfully placing its first batch of students in MNCs in India. Right now, this is the easiest way to switch a job and enter the IT field without any math background or coding skills.