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EdTech Platform ipassio is a One-Stop Hobby Destination for All

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:

 An ed-tech industry leader, ipassio is the answer to the extracurricular you wanted to pick up. This online hobby learning platform, ideated in 2011, has a spectrum of curated hobby courses. These are available for learners of all ages and all walks of life. From physically-oriented activities to musical and brain-related activities, ipassio has it all.

These courses are by globally dominant and premium educators and are in a series of online, live, 1-on-1 classes. These help students pick up their hobbies on a focused ground level. Founded by entrepreneur duo Tanuj Shah (CEO) and Anuj Shah (COO), ipassio is born of a vision that now bridges learners and educators from different backgrounds and cultures.

The term – ipassio – is keyed by the two founders. The i in the brand name signifies the individuals coming into the platform to learn and discover their abilities. The rest of the term – passio – is the Latin word for passion. It is something that everyone associated with the platform is, from the ipassio team to the teachers and learners.

Benefits of learning hobbies at ipassio

ipassio prioritizes quality when it comes to every aspect of learning and imparting knowledge on its platform. From hosting proficient veterans, experts who come in as faculty to being backed by innovative in-house tech, ipassio ensures grade-A success at all levels.

Students on ipassio have various facilities that they can avail. Starting from the easy payment options that allow them to pay as they learn, to receiving personalized suggestions on the desired courses. ipassio also provides users with easy class management, smooth student enrolments, and transparent transaction handling.

Available in more than 80 countries, ipassio sees itself as a growing, global aggregator of hobby learning. It is exclusive as one of the best online learning platforms with hobby classes – accessible to all kinds of backgrounds and communities.

Diverse, user-centric features of ipassio

Whether it is developing a specific skill or learning as a pastime or learning to practice on a professional level, ipassio has courses that cater to all learning levels and curriculum. Available for learners from all backgrounds, there are more than 350 odd courses on ipassio, on average. These courses start from a nominal fee of 350 INR to 1,800 INR for a 1-on-1, live session, depending on the learning level and the teaching experience of the respective teacher.

The educators on ipassio teach through live, video-calling platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, BOTIM, WhatsApp, etc. These ensure that the student is able to imbibe every bit of information he/she is taught, on a real-time basis.

Backed by the latest technological advancements

Co-founder and CEO, Tanuj Shah assures that users will have an enriched experience when it comes to ipassio. Talking about how it’s a credible, advanced source of online learning, he says, “ipassio is technologically optimized which ensures that it’s maximized when it comes to efficiency as well as delivering to the learners globally.

Our platform is designed for users from any part of the world, who wish to learn and easily pick up a course of their choice. ipassio delivers a great user experience that matches the mental model of users from every generation. Our site makes sure that it meets the user’s expectations, giving them an enhanced, informative learning experience with a great ratio of usability and clarified site navigation.

We have also incorporated the best, exclusive, in-house ed-tech that solves the various physical barriers when it comes to finding the best tutor. It fits perfectly as a solution and is also the right way to learn anything of interest, like a hobby. Attending classes that are solely focused on the student’s progress, while they learn from their chosen surroundings, is what we ideated and achieved.”

Premium education from widely acclaimed educators

ipassio guarantees learner success due to its prestigious and proficient faculty. With each course and the curriculum being helmed by famous professionals that double up as instructors also, students are destined for greatness in their learning journey.

Talking about housing the best sources of learning, co-founder, and COO Anuj Shah says, “ipassio banks on the fact that it connects with most visitors/users, almost instantly. Following this up with constant interaction and delivering a good consumer experience is what sets us apart from the rest. 98% of our students make repeat purchases – that says a lot about what we have to offer. ipassio has received quite a roaring response even overseas. Since the onset of our international operations in 2018, more than 100 USA-based teachers have signed up with their courses on the international marketplace of ipassio.

Further, from time to time, we offer discounts on occasions, festivals or so on. Depending on the student’s situation, teachers in collaboration with ipassio – waive a certain percentage of their fees. Similarly, if there are two members of the same family learning together or if there is a bulk purchase from a user – ipassio and its teachers provide discounts in those cases as well. This is to ensure that the user or the users get a fair deal given the interest and investment they are making towards their hobbies. ipassio has also helped in bridging the gap between experienced, seasoned teachers and avid learners.”

A perfect fit for a young or teen student, a retired senior citizen, a working individual, or a stay-at-home parent, ipassio is the key to ultimate dreams and passion. It is also a haven for professionals who wish to upskill themselves, learn cross-skills that may benefit their career, and so on. Since online learning is the brighter future, this hobby e-learning platform guarantees that learners will enjoy picking up their interests from their homes through their classes on ipassio. For more information on ipassio’s 1-on-1 online, live hobby courses, click here.