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E-Learning Is the Leading Industry Vertical With 30.7 Percent Investment Within Education Sector in CY2018: VCCEdge Reports

  • EducationEducation Sector Analysis based on Deal Volume and Deal Value ($ million)


According to VCCEdge, E-Learning and Education Support Services are successfully gaining investors’ attention with 30.7 percent share and 26.6 percent investment share out of 136.8 million of funding received by Education Sector in CY2018. 

Education institutions and schools have started to shift their focus towards personalized education in order to cater to the different needs and learning styles. There are many techEd companies which provide online certification and online training courses which are being preferred due to their convenience. Edtech companies are personalizing the learning experience and making the pedagogy more interesting by incorporating innovative solutions around augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), gamification among others in the education sector.

“Integrated learning solutions which seamlessly combine print books with digital learning aids, hold great potential in the coming years as their demand is expected to surge significantly owing to infrastructure issues with the Indian education sector. Formative assessment solutions that analyze social and personal competencies to test the learner’s progress alongside curriculum delivery would gain significance due to their adaptive, personalized experience,” says Shalil Gupta, Managing Partner – Research, VCCEdge.

The primary reasons for this rise in Education sector are mainly the demographic advantage, internet penetration and support from Government. 50 percent of India’s population is below the age of 25 and more than 65 percent below the age of 35. This translates into a huge opportunity as the target market is more than 50% of the population. Also, the rise Internet/Mobile Penetration in tier 2 and tier 3 areas, the education sector has huge opportunity to find the gap and tap the untapped market along with a shift in the way learning is approached by children, parents, teachers and institutions.

 “The shift to online learning is swiftly altering the competitive environment. Educators, students, parents and entrepreneurs alike are looking for new ways to harness technology to improve student achievement, reduce costs, and deliver a more customized learning experience,” says Sahaj Kumar, Research Manager – VCCEdge.

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