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dotin Onboarded by BYJU’S for AI Software Hiring Needs


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India:
 BYJU’S, the world’s leading EdTech platform offering personalized student programs, today announced their partnership with dotin Inc., a SaaS company that improves recruitment and retention of new and existing talent.

It is critical to secure high-quality employees to enhance their productivity and profitability. To support this effort, BYJU’S will leverage dotin’s employee assessment technology and expertise to determine optimal candidate alignment.
 dotin will help align candidates’ strengths to BYJU’S critical attributes. The unique, patented AI-based dotin technology captures core candidate motivations and provides insights without asking questions, creating an unbiased process allowing for streamlined deployment.

dotin Inc. Founder and CEO, Ganesh Iyer, said, “It’s great to see candidates aligned to the right opportunities. We are excited to take this next step towards global deployment after months of testing. The nature of the problem we are solving, and the size of the business are very exciting to me. We look forward to supporting the scalability of BYJU’S deployment.”

Pravin Prakash, Chief People Officer, BYJU’S, added, “We’re growing rapidly and are excited to partner with dotin for our hiring needs. Their technology helps in hiring by assessing alignment and by making it easy to deploy through talent life cycle management.”

dotin uses AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to objectively evaluate technical skills, personality traits, culture compatibility, workplace values, and learning styles of individuals. This will help BYJU’S identify the appropriate team members in different roles aligning with BYJU’S core values or traits.

About dotin Inc.

dotin Inc., through its patented intelligent SaaS-based AI platform, helps enterprises in sourcing diverse candidates, screening, upskilling and engaging talent in real-time and without asking any questions. Tangible benefits include instant enhancement to inclusion and diversity, cutting down your talent acquisition cost up to 90%, providing instant upskilling recommendations per talent, significantly reducing attrition by an average of 23%, and significantly increasing productivity by 2.5x.

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