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Doing PGDM Doubles the Income Level of Students, Finding from Research Conducted at Taxila Business School

  • MBAMBA in India Taxila Business School


PGDM students’ starting salary ranges between 7 Lac to 15 Lac in Top Business Schools like IIM, MDI Gurgaon, Taxila Business School Jaipur. The reasons for the same have been examined in this study.

A study conducted among 100 alumni of Taxila Business School and 100 prospective students who applied and did not attend the course suggest the income level of students who have done PGDM is twice as high from those who did not attend a postgraduate course.
Various key findings from the study suggest:

  • Doing PGDM increased the level of confidence of the participants. 88% of the students suggest a higher level of confidence from when they have joined Taxila Business School.
  • The joining salary of PGDM students across industries is higher than those who did not attend postgraduate. 70 prospects reported joining salary at half than the joining salary of a student with postgraduate.
  • The biggest fear of students was public speaking. 95% of PGDM students lost the fear of public speaking in 6-8 months of their course.
  • In 2 year from joining the company the student with postgraduate got promotion, student without postgraduate took 3 years+
  • 75% of postgraduate students were able to take the foreign vacation from their salary within 2 years of their joining. 15% of students without postgraduate were able to do the same.
  • The return on investment and opportunity cost of doing PGDM for 100% of students from Taxila Business School was covered in 2 Years.
  • 90% of PGDM students pay higher taxes than students without postgraduate which means they are earning higher than others.
  • 40% of postgraduate students wanted to start their own business after taking few years of corporate experience. 5% of students started their own business during the post graduation.

Speaking about the research, President of Taxila Business School Ms. Anuradha said, “In last 17 years we have grown as High Research Organisation with focus on developing students for better future. This research gives us insight into data points on how students develop and why they are doing what they do and help us in improving. With a clear focus on students development, Taxila Will keep doing all possible facets to make our students rich.”
Dean Rajat Bohra in the analysis of the research projected, “We are seeing a change in employment pattern, income increase has always been there for Taxila students, but we are observing the shift from students becoming job seekers to students becoming job givers. PGDM participants are more successful because their focus changes from What & How to Why. They start focusing on the reason for why they do what they do and this mindset change gives them the purpose of Life.”
Taxila Business School is Top Ranked AICTE Approved Business School situated in Jaipur, India.