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Certificate Courses at HSNC University, Mumbai – Yoga, Performing Arts and Applied Science

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
 HSNC University, Mumbai has taken a remarkable, concrete step in the direction to pioneer the roadmap towards designing the cornerstones of ‘new-age’ careers. The university offers certificate courses under school of yoga, performing arts, and applied sciences. These new-age specialized programs will be offered to the students in the form of hybrid learning module. This will enable students and learners across age groups to pursue their hobbies, interests and develop their skill sets. It will further foster them a learning experience which will accentuate their key interests and nurture into a professional career.

Performing Arts and Yoga are skilled-based career paths that have been run down upon due to the non-presence of a formal education until now. HSNC University has introduced formal certified courses in these activities to bridge this identified gap. Exemplary knowledge must be bestowed to the new generation in order to diversify different career paths. HSNC University gives one the opportunity to transform their hobbies into future-oriented careers. With the right global exposure and accelerated career opportunities, such creative careers will receive their due recognition. The students will be exposed to practical learning from the right blend of faculty which includes industry experts and academicians along with internships and apprenticeships. This will cater to the requisite skills vital for being industry-ready professionals.

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost – HSNC University is elated and says, “The specially curated programs are designed to cater to the ever-evolving new-age business and foster an optimum learning experience. A formal education along with a designated degree will encourage modish careers such as ‘yoga-preneurs’, ‘theatre-preneurs’ which will revolutionize the Indian employment sector by creating a pool for more occupation, vocation, and skill.”

The precise skill-driven courses forms an integral part of the new-age learning pedagogies which is gaining traction globally. Such skill-set-driven career trajectories are on the rise with a variety of performing arts career taking off on massive scale. Crucial skills requisite for the same includes –  confidence, networking, resilience, agility, the right mindset, innovation, self-discipline, an analytical mind, flexibility, and teamwork to name a few. Besides such soft skills, it is requisite to guide and expose them to understand the functionality of the industry involved. For example the recent inclination towards wellness and an active lifestyle which has widened the scope of yoga, performing arts, and physical activities.

Likewise, applied sciences are modish, state-of-the-art courses which are cardinal in this tech-driven era. Skills covered include Statistics, Data & Business Analytics, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning, Text, Hypothesis Testing, etc. Such skill-set-driven career trajectories are on the rise with digitalization, artificial intelligence, data economy, and social media consumerism ever booming than before with added opportunities and scope. Data economy is the future of tomorrow and one must be equipped with all the adequate prowess to weave one’s stand in the future.

The launch of the National Education Policy of 2020 decodes the opportunity for students into modern careers to pursue their creative abilities. The fabrication of employment will have a further impact on the nation’s GDP growth. This ‘new age’ innovative education model will transpose Indians on a global map. The sole purpose behind such courses is to encourage more skill-driven careers to come out and create a mark on global platforms. The plethora of scope and possibilities have expanded beyond the traditional notions, fabricating ‘new-futures’.

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