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Best Music Apps for School

Enhance education with music apps for schools. Elevate learning through music, fostering concentration, self-esteem, and personal growth in children.

Children can greatly benefit from playing an instrument and studying music. Children’s brains also grow more quickly when exposed to music, which will help with any assignments in the future, so encourage your children to learn music, sing, or listen to music. One of the finest methods to amuse your children is through music. Allow your youngster to include music-making and listening in their everyday routine. Making it a habit guarantees that music will become a regular part of the child’s life. An enjoyable experience may enhance your child’s capacity for listening and concentration, foster positive self-esteem, self-expression, and problem-solving abilities, and, most of all, aid in your child’s personal development.

music apps for school

These music-making applications are ideal for children of all ages and encourage them to experiment with their own musical ideas. The music applications listed below are suitable for young and school-aged pupils. Lessons, videos, and interactive exercises are all included in the applications’ extensive selection of instructional music content, all intended to encourage students to learn about music in enjoyable and interesting ways.

With the help of these kinds of applications, children may discover the fundamentals of music creation, identify melody and pitch, discover various musical instruments, compose their songs, and improve their musical abilities via supervised practice. Please review them and let us know if you have any further recommendations to add to the list.

Check out this list of the top websites for music apps for school Chromebook, music apps for school ios/android/cp and apps for learning the piano, the guitar, and other instruments. Here are the best music apps for school children that every parent and music educator should know:

GarageBand- Music app for school

Apple’s go-to music application is GarageBand. On-the-go music creation and sharing are both possible for students. An extensive selection of Touch instruments with Live Loops is available in GarageBand, along with a fully functional recording studio. GarageBand also offers a number of other intriguing features, such as the Alchemy Touch Instrument for playing and recording, the ability to download free instruments and sound packs from the app’s Sound Library, the ability to record any sound and edit it with professional-level effects, the ability to add virtual session drummers to songs, the ability to mix songs with various mixing effects, and many more.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Age: 4+; Price: Free with in-app purchases

Discover GarageBand: Your School’s Musical Companion

Simply Guitar

Simply Guitar is a guitar learning software designed by teachers to make learning to play the instrument entertaining and interesting. The app provides a huge selection of how-to videos, music, and tutorials appropriate for users of all ages and ability levels. Almost any guitar is compatible with Simply Guitar. Simply Guitar evaluates your performance while you play and offers advice and criticism.

music app

Other intriguing features offered by Simply Guitar include the capacity to learn all the necessary techniques for performing songs (for example, playing chords, reading and playing tabs, strumming techniques, chord switching, guitar fundamentals, technique boosting exercises, etc.), tips and tricks for playing guitar properly, an integrated professional tuner to help you learn how to tune your guitar, tracking progress, and many more.

 Compatibility Cost: Android and iPhone/iPad are free with in-app purchases. Age: 4+.

Explore Simply Guitar: Your Music App for School

Yousician: Guitar Lessons

Yousician lets you practice your favorite songs on a real instrument as it listens and offers comments on how you’re doing. To assist users of all ability levels in learning how to play the guitar, Yousician provides step-by-step video instructions and more than 10,000 lessons and exercises. Fun gameplay records your development and inspires you to practice and learn new skills. You’ll be astounded by how quickly your talents develop. So pick up your bass or guitar and get to playing right away!

Compatibility Cost: Android and iPhone/iPad are free with in-app purchases. Age: 4+

Unveil Yousician: Guitar Lessons – Your School’s Melodic Ally. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of this music app!


Another excellent iPad app for learning the piano is Flowkey. With Flowkey, users can learn about notes, chords, and appropriate techniques while playing their favourite songs. It is compatible with keyboard, electric, genuine piano, and acoustic instruments. To assist you in developing the appropriate playing technique and learning about music, Flowkey provides step-by-step educational tutorials.

You may quickly access and practice various courses and songs, from classical to pop, in the Flowkey library. You may “practice effectively with learning monitoring via microphone or MIDI connection” thanks to the software. The premium version of Flowkey offers many more features and benefits and has multiple subscription options. Prices for 1 month are $19.99, 6 months are $83.99, and 12 months are $199.

Compatibility Cost: Android and iPhone/iPad are free with in-app purchases. Age: 4+

Discover Simply Guitar: Your Music app for School


You may play any song you want using the correct chords that Chordify offers. Simple and straightforward, Chordify allows you to “jam along with your favorite song” by opening the app, searching for a song you want to play, and choosing the instrument you want to perform it on.

In a basic music player, Chordify automatically synchronizes your song with audio signals from other tracks. One of the features offered by Chordify is the ability to export chords in PDF format, transpose chords to play in other keys, and download chords from your favourite songs as MIDI files for simple audio editing.

Compatibility Cost: Android and iPhone/iPad are free with in-app purchases. Age: 4+

Theory Lessons

Students may learn everything about the theoretical side of music with theory lessons. It provides more than 39 lessons in music theory from, all of which are given in their original animated form. The staff, clefs, and ledger lines; note duration; measures and time signature; the major and minor scales; scale degrees; an introduction to chords; triad inversion; seventh chords; nonharmonic tones; phrases and cadences; circle progressions; and many other topics are covered in these sessions.

Compatible with an alternative to the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Age: 4+, Price: $3.99

Dive into the world of music theory with Theory Lessons – one of the ultimate music apps for school

Playground Sessions

Another excellent iPad app for studying the piano is Playground Sessions. By performing your favourite tunes, you may improve your piano skills. You get immediate feedback from well-known experts and coaches as you perform. Over 1,000 songs by artists, including Taylor Swift, Queen, Beethoven, and many more, can be found on Playground Sessions. 

Playground Sessions also offers specialized courses to aid in piano learning, a supportive community of enthusiastic piano players to share advice and learn from one another, access to accuracy scores after each session, unlockable rewards like free songs, an efficient Bootcamp to assist you in your learning process, and many other features.

Compatible with Mac, iPhone, and iPad Cost: Free; Age: 4+

Elevate your school music curriculum with Playground Sessions


You may find artists and musicians on the audio and music streaming network SoundCloud, where you can find incredible songs in various genres. You may connect with friends, make playlists to share, and communicate with artists. 

SoundCloud has a subscription edition with added features, including an ad-free, non-stop listening experience, unrestricted access to the whole track library, offline audio streaming, and much more.

Compatible with  Android and iPhone/iPad Age: 12+/Price: $3.99

Empower your school’s music education with SoundCloud

Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro teaches and encourages pupils to practice the piano. It provides a variety of lessons, method books, and practice activities to aid players in developing their playing, sight-reading, rhythm, technique, and many other musical skills.  

Using Piano Maestro is simple: download the software, set it up on your piano, and start playing. The software detects what you are playing automatically and provides performance comments.

Compatible with iPhone/iPad; $3.99; Age Requirement: 4+

Enrich your school music learning with Piano Maestro


Through supervised courses and practice exercises, MusicQuest aids students in their musical education. They will learn to use block or traditional notation to compose tunes for various instruments. Additionally, they will transform their mobile devices into music studios and experiment with more than 500 pre-built song grooves. MusicQuest is available for $8.99 per month or $79 annually. 

Compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad Price: Free, with in-app purchases available Age: 4+

Mussila Music School

One of the greatest music education applications for kids between the ages of 6 and 11 is Mussila Musical School. An award-winning music learning software for kids, Mussila, has hours of musical lessons, challenges, and games that have been thoughtfully created by music professionals and educators and are intended to be fun.

The Mussila band’s musical journey is explored in this wonderfully designed kid’s music app. Kids may locate instruments, costumes, and other supplies with the aid of this app. With the help of this software, which was created by the music curriculum for children, you can introduce your child to music. Learning levels for children include identifying instruments, musical sounds, rhythm, and songs. 

Children may learn music through games and entertaining exercises with the help of this vast game, which features more than 60 levels of creative and engaging gameplay.

Compatible with  iPhone, iPad, and Android

Take your school music studies to the next level with Mussila Music School


Loopimal is one of the greatest music apps for school kids because it allows youngsters to explore music, sequences, and loops while attempting to animate various charming creatures. Children can build rich compositions and experiment with loops and computer sequencing within an easy-to-use pre-programming framework. 

Loopimal provides limitless opportunities for children to learn how to produce music. Children may learn about musical elements such as beat, rhythm, melody, pace, etc. Children encounter visual and audio loops and sequences as they build patterns of up to eight musical blocks that repeat indefinitely. The motions of the animals also contribute to an excellent feeling of pace and movement in relation to music.

Compatible with  iPhone, iPad, and Android

Elevate your school music experience through Loopimal– one of the best music apps for school

Sago Mini Music Box

Sago Mini Music Box is a fun musical app for kids and one of the greatest music applications. This children’s music app allows the youngster to play a tune. A song plays, and items emerge on the screen when the youngster taps the screen. The youngster can acquire new words and fundamental ideas and obey spoken instructions.

Educational Preschool Songs is another preschool music app for kids to learn via music, singing, and enjoyment. Hip Hop Kangaroo, Poppy Platypus, and Kula Koala explore the world around them via exciting songs and music videos in Australia. Hip Hop Kangaroo and Friends combines entertainment, education, music, and puppets to provide a fresh take on a classic children’s learning experience.

Compatible with  iPhone, iPad, and Android

Elevate school playtime with Sago Mini Music Box

Music Sparkles

Music Sparkles, with its interactive instruments and multi-touch play, inspires creativity and a love of music. The free edition of Music Sparkles allows players to play four octaves of a xylophone and bash on the drums while being accompanied by five additional instruments. Play chords with one, two, or five fingers and have fun creating a rhythm line as the banjo plays a simple melody along with you. When locked screens are touched, be wary of in-app purchases.

Many musical ideas may be learned by children, including instrument identification and design, as well as performance with various instrument types (strings, keyboards, woodwind, and percussion). Kids may also acquire listening skills like playing in key and rhythm and music theory concepts such as scales, intervals, and singing solfege syllables (Do-Re-Mi). The instruments are polyphonic, which means children may play many notes at once and in various octaves, and the keyboards are in 12-note chromatic scales. Despite the lack of recording and playback, Music Sparkles is a delightfully rich and participatory musical experience for children.

Compatible with  iPhone, iPad, and Android

Infuse school days with rhythm and melody using Music Sparkles

Sesame Street Makes Music

From diverse instruments to how pace influences songs, Sesame Street Makes Music offers serious music-making lessons to master. With eight instruments to explore, Ernie, Abby, Elmo, and Cookie Monster are all on hand to assist.

This kid’s music software is intended to help children acquire fundamental abilities through interactive music games and activities. Music organization, style, and instruments may all be taught to children. They’ll hear familiar songs performed in unique ways and learn about six musical styles. Kids may learn how each band member adds to the overall sound of a song by playing with turning band members on and off. Children may also learn the names of six instruments and experiment with the various sounds they produce.

The underlying substance of Sesame Street Makes Music is minimal, but parents may use it as a platform for a lot of musical discussion and study. Toddler music apps for school kids allow children to experience the exciting world of musical instruments.

Compatible with  iPhone, iPad, and Android

Musical Me! HD by Duck Duck Moose

Musical Me! is one of the greatest music apps for school for kids since it takes youngsters on a beautiful musical trip. Discover musical components with beloved Duck Duck Moose characters and beautifully prepared children’s songs. Enjoy tiny surprises as your child learns about rhythm, instruments, pitch, and musical notes with this kid’s music game and app. Come together as a family to dance, laugh, and make music with Musical Me!

Children may learn the fundamentals of music, such as rhythm, notes, and instruments, by playing along to classic songs such as “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and “Pop Goes the Weasel.” Music activates many aspects of the brain, and children may improve their critical thinking abilities and memorizing skills by playing with rhythm, memory, and notes. Musical Me by Duck Duck Moose is an entertaining kids’ music app that allows kids to create and experience music in several ways while improving their critical-thinking abilities.

Compatible with  iPhone, iPad, and Android

Enrich school routines with Musical Me! HD by Duck Duck Moose

As we conclude our exploration of the finest music apps for school, it’s evident that these technological harmonies not only amplify the educational experience but also strike a chord of enthusiasm and engagement among students, fostering a melodic journey of learning. Embracing these apps equips educators to orchestrate a symphony of knowledge and creativity in the modern classroom.