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Ask Insights to Host India’s Biggest Global Diversity and Inclusion Summit in New Delhi

Dr. Niru Kumar and Dr. Akshay Kumar of Ask Insights, who pioneered and enlightened the concept and need for Diversity & Inclusion in India are organizing the biggest ever “Global Diversity & Inclusion Summit” on 23rd February 2018 in New Delhi, India.

The summit is slated to bring together global thought leaders, think tanks, decision-makers – CEOs, CXOs and HR heads of the top corporate companies in the country and global consultants in the field of Diversity & Inclusion from UK, US and Australia.

Ask Insights the leaders in providing end to end solutions covering organizational strategy, benchmarking assessments, gender, generational, cultural, LGBT, disability and unconscious biases in the field of Diversity & Inclusion is organizing the biggest ever “Global Diversity & Inclusion Summit” with a distinct objective to address the ever growing need of Diversity & Inclusion in corporate and across various other industry segments.

This first-of-its-kind “Global Diversity & Inclusion Summit” in India will address the Diversity & Inclusion issues through mini workshops, panel discussions and role plays on gender, generational, cultural, LGBT, disability and unconscious biases and millennials.

This endeavor will help motivate and encourage the role of Diversity & Inclusion at workplaces in India.

Dr. Niru Kumar, a certified and trained NLP master practitioner and an internationally acclaimed Diversity & Inclusion Consultant & Coach, Ask Insights said, “Diversity is no longer a choice, it is happening – be it Gender, Generational, Cultural, Disability, LGBT and Unconscious Biases, we find ourselves in mixed teams and environment. The world is fast recognizing the value of Diversity and conversations on Inclusion as a core value are becoming stronger each day. Now the question of Inclusion, it does not come naturally. Inclusion needs to be a conscious cultivated art.”

“After 40 years of pursuing gender equality through government, education, and social programs, the U.S. and European countries have still not been able to close the gender pay gap or significantly advance women to senior management positions. This clearly reflects that mindset change is still an area which needs attention. New research makes it increasingly clear that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially. The greater the Gender balance, the greater the financial profitability!” she further added.

Diversity and Inclusion is a major part of workplace conversations around the world. According to reports, over 69 percent of executive’s rate diversity and inclusion as an important workplace issue, up from 59 percent in 2014. The visible progress has been made with more and more organizations and their managers taking steps to resolve the issue.

Dr. Akshay, an eminent Psychologist, Ask Insights said, “Global Diversity and Inclusion Summit” will have a positive impact on many key aspects of organizational performance and will help in winning the war for talent, strengthening customer orientation, increasing employee satisfaction, improving decision making and enhancing the company’s image.

Multiple organizations such as PepsiCo, Microsoft, American Express, Deloitte, McKinsey, E&Y, United Spirits – Diageo, Walmart, Vodafone, TATA Group, Genpact India, SAP Labs and Paytm to name a few have showed the way by taking up the mantle of gender diversity. From creating new policies to improve growth and development opportunities for women employees to increasing female presence in boardrooms, corporate India appears to finally be taking the stand for more gender diverse workplaces.

The names listed here are a handful from a vast industry of organizations and startups. It is important to keep the conversations around gender diversity and inclusion going until we can truly claim that people of all genders, backgrounds, and abilities are represented fairly and equally.

About Ask Insights – The Diversity & Inclusion Consultants

Ask Insights are the pioneers in providing end-to-end solutions covering organizational strategy, benchmarking assessments, gender, generational, cultural, LGBT, unconscious biases and disability in the field of Diversity & Inclusion.

Ask Insights are the first and only Indian company to have partnered with maximum number of Global Consultants and organizations in the field of Diversity & Inclusion.

Dr. Niru is an internationally acclaimed Diversity & Inclusion Consultant who has been powerfully impacting and transforming lives through a unique blend of expertise in modern medicine, psychology, coaching skills and energy based healings.

She is the only Mars Venus Coach in India and a known pioneer in the field who began this work in leading organizations 10 years back. She has personally trained more than 10000 professionals in India and APAC region.

Ask Insights provide Diversity & Inclusion consulting and training with all round interventions like gender program for top leaders, managers and frontline, project breakthrough for women, LGBTQ sensitization program, cultural intelligence, generational intelligence etc.

The journey of creating successful and progressing organizations has taken Ask Insights to various countries like SAP Singapore (APAC region level program), SAP Shanghai, PepsiCo Dubai (Global Leadership Program) etc.