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Applications of Class 8 Maths

Maths is a crucial subject for students of Class 8. This is primarily because a good score in the subject dramatically affects the overall result of the students. Also, if a student wants to take up engineering, then it is essential to have a good base in the subjects. Apart from these, maths also finds a lot of application in the life of an individual and a society. The following are some of the significant fields where you can apply Class 8 Mathematics to a large extent:

Helps to improve the result of the student

The biggest application of Mathematics is that it can be used to improve the overall result of the student. This is primarily because a correct answer to the numerical problem helps the student get full marks in the sums. Thus, there is plenty of scope for the student to score high marks in the subject. If a student can score good marks in the Maths subject, then it shows its impact on the sum total as well and the overall result of the student improves.

Application in the senior classes

It is a well-known fact that as a student grows up the topics he learns are actually an advanced application of the topics he has learned in the advanced years. In the Class 8 syllabus, there are chapters like Quadrilaterals, Cubes and Cube roots, Square and Square roots, geometry, graphs etc. These chapters find application in the Mathematical problems of higher classes. Thus, the Class 8 Maths actually forms the base for the Mathematical problems that are present in higher grades. So, if the student can develop a strong base in Class 8 then it will be beneficial in the senior classes.

Application in Real Life

Maths is one subject that is almost required every day. Chapters like Geometry are needed every day for the creation of various types of monuments, buildings etc. Again, there are chapters like statistics and data handling, which are essential for making graphs, pie chart, bar chart etc. These different types of graphs are used by researchers to calculate different types of data. Thus, students will need Mathematics even when their education gets over. Therefore, it is essential to have a good base of Maths so that the student has the needed confidence to use it wherever it is needed.

Application of the subject in Statistics

Statistics is a type of analysis that can be used to represent the data of various experiments or case studies. It can also be used to represent the data of different activities of a person or society. However, the basis of this subject is created by the chapters Data Handling and Introduction to graphs. These chapters are again a part of the CBSE Class 8 syllabus. Thus, the Class 8 Maths syllabus also finds application in Statistics.

Application in other Science Subjects

Another significant use of the Mathematics subject lies in subjects like Physics and Chemistry. Most chapters in Physics contain different types of numerical problems. These problems are solved by the use of different kinds of formulas. The formulas are again made by the use of various mathematical expressions. Thus, the subject of Physics is entirely dependent on Mathematics. Similarly, the subject of Chemistry contains different types of equations. These equations are again solved by the use of Mathematics. So Maths plays a vital role in Chemistry as well.

From the above, it is understandable that NCERT Solutions for class 8 maths by Vedantu has plenty of application in the life of any individual. In addition to this, it can also be used for the benefit of society and of mankind as a whole. Thus, it is extremely important for the students of Class 8 to form a strong base of the subject. Only if the student has a strong base in Class 8 will it be possible for him to improve his base gradually. Additionally, the student will be able to use the subject in his life only when he has a good understanding of the topic. This good understanding can again happen only when he has properly understood Maths of 8.

However, it is not always as easy as it seems. The students have to do a lot of hard work in Class 8 to have a proper base of the subject. A lot of practice has to be done by the students to ensure that the intricacies of the topic remain in the minds of the students for a long time. Additionally, they also have to understand each and every theorem and formula to be able to use it.