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Analyttica Datalab Introduces LEAPS Programs on Applied Data Science and Machine Learning


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:
 Analyttica Datalab, founded by Rajeev Baphna, (a 30-year veteran of the field, who was recently listed among the 10 most influential analytics leaders in India) has initiated LEAPS Programs, a 10-month Certification program in Applied Data Science and Machine Learning.
The Analyttica team has been creating significant business impacts by designing platforms that have been delivering Analytics and AI solutions globally for many years. With LEAPS Programs, the team has brought to life a virtual and highly structured domain contextual learning and assessment program.
The program will be delivered via Analyttica’s award-winning patented and innovative experiential learning platform that has created a community of 200,000 Analytics and Data Science students and enthusiasts across the globe.
Carefully designed and curated by industry professionals, academicians, and trainers, the program is spread over full 10-months, but in manageable time blocks conducted over almost 40-weekend sessions, for working professionals. The program offers a highly effective blend of instructor-led and self-paced learning formats.
Designed to enable a “Learn-by-Doing” approach, LEAPS Programs aids horizontal applied learning through data case-based curriculum; hands-on practice supported by videos, reading materials; industry-standard virtual assessments; career assistance, and many more.
A virtual lab has been set up to encourage users to build and showcase their DS and ML-based solutions, enabling faster learning through 40 live interactive sessions with industry leaders, 50+ practice cases, collaborative projects, and live hackathons, followed by a certificate for the overall program.
The candidates will also get lifetime access to the innovative platform for continuous learning and to be abreast with all the latest developments in the field.
Rajeev says “ The professionals at Analyttica are proud to bring this innovative program and its patented platform at your doorstep; complemented by 100s of hours of human experience, interactions, and expertise; first to jump-start, and then to be able to handhold you through the journey of Learning and Application.”
The fact about technology is one has to almost Un-Learn, what has been learnt and instead focus on the ability to learn new skills.
Stay ahead and nurture the data enthusiast in you with LEAPS Programs!!
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About Analyttica:

Analyttica Datalab Inc. is a contextual Data Science (DS) & Machine Learning (ML) Platform Company. Being established in 2012 by global Analytics leaders, who have a world-class reputation and decades of experience in having built contextual Data Analytics capabilities, it has offices in Bangalore & Pune – India, Delaware – USA, and Singapore.

Powered by its patented platform Analyttica TreasureHunt, Analyttica has three products; that is ATH Leaps, ATH Precision, and ATH SimuLab.

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