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Akshar Yoga Set to Emerge as India’s Largest Yoga Brand

Akshar Yoga, one of the largest yoga chains of the country, is all set for a full-fledged national and international expansion in the next 2 years. Conceptualized by Akshar, the young yoga entrepreneur from Himalayas, Akshar Yoga has already carved a unique niche for itself in the wellness map by innovating with Yoga. Weaving together tradition and innovation, over the last 7 years, it has evolved to become a highly respectable brand associated with wellness of the highest quality. With strategic expansion plans in place, in the next five years, Akshar Yoga will become India’s largest Yoga brand in enrollments, market presence and revenue generation.
In January 2018, Akshar Yoga will launch its first center in Mumbai. With 5 more launches planned in the city for the next year, the brand aims to have around 15 centers in Mumbai by 2019. Akshar Yoga is also gearing up for an international expansion across United States of America, Australia, France, Israel, Dubai, Hungary etc by next year.
Following their launch in 2010 in Bangalore, Akshar Yoga trains around 4000 yoga enthusiasts every day across its 17 centers in the city. Four more centers will be launched in the city shortly. Akshar Yoga is truly passionate about innovation and they have been proving it consistently by launching new forms of yoga like ‘Flying Bird Yoga- The Aerial Yoga’, Akshar Yoga Wheel along with coming up with a range of fitness accessories like Hammock, Wheel, Yoga mats etc.
The brand has also won a distinguishing reputation by churning out efficient yoga trainers through their master and diploma level teacher training certification programmes. 
Akshar Yoga uses franchising model and word of mouth publicity as its major tools of expansion.
In keeping with the growing consumer demands of the Indian wellness industry, Akshar Yoga will shortly launch its premium range of cosmeceuticals and wellness products. 
Inspired by the Make in India initiative, the product range will attempt to further elevate the country’s position in the rapidly growing wellness industry. Akshar Yoga has evolved as a trend setter in the country for Yoga Studio and Academy Model.