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AIR 1 in JEE Main 2018 – Bhogi Suraj Krishna From Narayana Academy

JEE Main 2018 results are out, the toppers have been announced and as always, many toppers have been claimed by multiple coaching institutes, while those who failed have been ignored.
In the flood of contradictory claims and “your word against mine” culture of misinformation, the future students wonder which institutes the toppers really belonged to. The IIT JEE coaching market needed an impartial unbiased authority which can validate the results and conflicting claim. Enter
Standyou is one of India’s leading online data-driven research tool build on 75+ Data points and a marketplace of coaching institutes, that helps students in finding right career option and coaching institutes for them.
JEE Main 2018 Toppers: – AIR 1, AIR 2, AIR 5 and AIR 10 are from Narayana Academy – Confirmed by Dr. P. Sindhura Narayana, P. Sharani Narayana and authenticated by Standyou.

The idea behind this press release is to inform the mass, about the Results of JEE Main 2018 of Narayana Academy. All the students mentioned below belong to Class Room Course of Narayana:

  • Bhogi Suraj Krishna AIR 1 (H.T.N: 11720999)
  • KVR Hemanth Kumar AIR 2 (H.T.No: 11817558)
  • Gattu Mytraya AIR 5 (H.T.No: 31051194)
  • G Vinayaka Srivarshan AIR 10 (H.T.No: 31055291)

Bhogi Suraj Krishna All India Rank 1 got 350 Marks out of 360. 36 ranks in Top 100 in the Open category are from Narayana Academy boasting about the hard work it does on its students. Highly renowned, dedicated, experienced faculty and competitive environment at Narayana Academy is the reason behind such a great result.
CEO of Standyou, Mr. Priyank Shrivastava said that proven teaching methodology and right guidance by coaching institutes can help students in getting success in highly competitive exam like JEE Main and Advanced.
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