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9 Best Smart Board for Classrooms

Transform your classroom with the power of technology using “smart boards for classrooms.”

The need to engage traditional in-person students and remote learners in daily lesson plans has prompted educators to look for technological solutions. Smart boards for classrooms are among the most effective and innovative tools available in today’s educational environment. Traditional teaching tools are combined with the powerful interactive components of internet access and synchronous communication in these smart displays.

To better understand the difference between a smart board and a regular display and to learn about the brands that offer classroom displays, let’s take a closer look at things you need to consider before buying one.

Best Smart Boards for Classrooms

Smart Boards’ Impact on the Classroom

There’s much to like about the smartboard’s advantages over projector-based boards, but what about functionality? The first and most essential feature of an intelligent flat panel display, designed with teachers in mind, is the screen itself. Multiple students can collaborate on the same page thanks to the full-size, high-resolution touchscreen. This means marking up a section of the text, working through an equation, or brainstorming a project as a group on an infinite canvas has never been easier.

Scrolling, zooming, and annotating without running out of space can also improve the learning experience in the smart classroom. Students are free to create without the constraints of a traditional whiteboard. Taking notes, working through word problems, and sketching quick designs to understand a subject better can all be accomplished without running out of space or losing progress due to accidental erasure (a problem that has plagued traditional whiteboards since their inception).

smart boards for classrooms

Phones and tablets can be linked to interactive whiteboards to enhance the classroom experience for all types of students. This includes students tuning in remotely or otherwise unable to attend class in person.

Connecting to the board provides access to many useful classroom tools, videos, and lesson plans, all of which can be recorded and reviewed at any time.

We’re here to show you how amazing technology has improved average classroom writing surfaces like never before. If you want to upgrade your traditional classroom boards, we have nine best interactive whiteboards for classroom solutions you’ll love!

Smart boards are no longer just for business presentations; they have crept into the educational scene and are here to stay! Loading screens are no longer an issue! Because smart boards are relatively fast, you can access your presentations and documents quickly and get to work! Follow along as we compare the benefits of six incredible smart boards designed for classroom use.

9 Best Smart Boards For Classroom Learning

Following are our recommended interactive smart boards. However, if you’re interested in understanding the tech that powers them, we’ve written a guide on all 4 types of smart boards here.

1. Vibe Whiteboards

Many smartboard manufacturers are constantly innovating and refining their products for classroom use. Before making a purchase, it’s critical to understand the key differences in these products, as they can differ in panel size, price, and functionality. Here are the major highlights from some of the most well-known smartboard brands.

What can we say? We have a soft spot for one particular brand around here. The physical specifications of Vibe Smart Whiteboards include a 75- or 55-inch 4K touchscreen without the high price of competitors. The Vibe Smart Whiteboard is bright, powerful, and compatible with a wide range of presentation tools and technology for use in the classroom.

top smart boards for classroom

 Vibe boards have low latency, so there is no awkward delay when presenting. They were created with educators in mind, so being able to mark up, save quickly, and share presentations, pictures, and files from other apps is a comfortable and intuitive process for teachers using interactive displays for the first time.

Do you want to see how Vibe works in the classroom? Check out their case studies to see how educators at all levels, from kindergarten to graduate programs, have found success.

Vibe Smart Whiteboards Buying Options:

  1. Vibe 75” 4K UHD Smart Digital Whiteboard Pro With Chromium OS (Includes Wall Mount + Remote Control) – $6299 on
  2. Vibe 55” 4K UHD Smart Digital Whiteboard With Chromium OS (Only Smart Board) – $3199 on

2. Promethean ActivBoard

The first thing to know about the ActivBoard is that it is divided into two levels. The Nickel model lacks some of the more advanced technology found in the Titanium model, such as limiting touchpoints to 15 rather than 20, as well as slightly longer response times and tracking rates. Both models feature 4K backlit LED screens with sizes ranging from 65 to 85 inches. Perhaps the most notable benefit of the ActivBoard is access to Promethean’s award-winning lesson software, ActivInspire and ClassFlow, which is included in the board’s price (i.e. no monthly subscription fee).

smart boards

Uppertier models can be prohibitively expensive, and any subsequent breakage or repair costs from misuse are also quite high. Some users report that the required stylus pen is finicky. ActivBoards can range in price from $3,000 to $13,000 per unit, depending on the model and screen size.

3. BenQ Interactive Displays

BenQ designed its flat panel displays specifically for classroom use, with some particularly innovative technology now included as standard with each board. These displays, which can run two apps side by side, include a handy option for presenting material and using whiteboard functionality to illustrate or note further explanations without having to close out of either window. The technology in BenQ boards is intended to promote active learning and increase classroom engagement. The boards are divided into three groups: the Pro RP series, the Master RM series, and the Essential RE series. All boards are available in a variety of sizes and feature 4K Ultra-HD displays, germ-resistant screens, and incredible touch accuracy within 2mm.

smartboards for classroom

Users report that a faulty video card is the most common cause of BenQ screen failure, followed by an outdated/corrupted graphics driver. Diagnostics and repair can be difficult if problems arise in the classroom or at work without knowledgeable IT support. Cost BenQ’s website does not list product prices, but the 65-inch RM series display represents the brand’s base price of around $3,000.

4. Newline RS+ Series

Newline offers seven distinct products in the smartboard market, including the corporate RS+, incredibly versatile MIRA, and classroom-focused ATLAS. ATLAS includes several enhancements for teachers’ quality of life, such as noise-reduction and echo-cancellation microphone arrays. The 4K LED screen is available in three sizes and is designed to work with all devices and operating systems. Premium prices and occasionally shaky screens (one Amazon reviewer reports accidental zooming, selecting, and app-switching in the middle of class) make these displays an expensive classroom investment.

smartboard for classroom

The RS+ Series increases efficiency in your classes and teams, allowing you to interact with ease at any time. It’s the ideal solution for seamless collaboration in schools and the office, with a lightweight slim frame design, Windows system and built-in OS support, embedded tools, and a personalized user interface. The price of Newline’s TruTouch screens starts at $10,000 and goes up from there. Annual software subscriptions, hard drive upgrades, display stands, and warranties are not included in the base product price.

A versatile 4K UHD interactive display for increasing collaboration and student engagement in the classroom. You can transform the display into digital whiteboards and launch your favorite software with a single touch. The RS+ Series operates in your environment and allows you to interact in your preferred manner.

5. Google Jamboard

Jamboard is a Google app as well as a 55-inch display. Like most classroom smartboards, it is loaded with features and easily compatible with the Google suite. Jamboards make it simple to share and save information from the 55-inch 4K screen, and the physical product includes a wall mount and a rolling stand is one of the ideal smart boards for a classroom setting.

True to its Google roots, the Jamboard hardware and software are incredibly easy to use (even for those unfamiliar with smart technology). Cons While Jamboards works well with Google apps, the number of other possible integrations is limited. Furthermore, some reviewers have experienced software glitches. Jamboards begin at $4,999, plus a $600 annual management and support fee.

smart boards for classrooms

6. AG Neovo IFP-6502 Interactive Flat Panel Display

The AG Neovo IFP-6502 is a flat surface interactive display board. Its 65-inch display screen and 4k 3840 x 2160 HD resolution bring images to life in a way never seen before! The parts and instructions for wall mounting are included in the purchase, making installation as simple as possible. The use of 20-point multi-touch technology allows for user-friendly interactive presentations in which users can simply draw with their finger or a special touch pen.

smart board

What’s really cool about this interactive screen is that it allows multiple users to be active at the same time! The AG Neovo supports screen sharing via Airplay, Miracast, and Chromecast from a variety of mobile devices.This operating system, which supports both LAN and wireless connections, ensures that you are always connected.

7. DTEN ON 55-inch All-in-One Collaboration Smart Board

The Dten is yet another fantastic smartboard. Even students seated in the back of a classroom will have no trouble seeing the content with a 55-inch display. Images with 4K resolution are always bright and crisp. With an auto framing camera and smart ePTZ technology, you can capture content perfectly every time.

smart boards for classroom

Students can easily draw or write on the board with their fingers or touch pens when using a touch screen interface. Their collaborations are converted into digital ink and displayed on the board as they make their mark. The Dten is not only fantastic in terms of visuals, but also in terms of audio! Long-range audio detection and noise reduction technology, for example, are system-specific audio functions.

8. Smart Tech Interactive Smart Board SBX85

This is one of the best smart boards for classroom that includes all of the necessary accessories to get you up and running. When you buy a Smart Tech interactive whiteboard, you get a lot of collaboration tools, including a Smart Projector UX60, two speakers, 2 Smartpens for the board, 1 Smartboard tray, 1 eraser, 1 power cord for the board, and 1 for the projector, a USB and HDMI cable for connectivity, and 1 set of installation hardware.

The system’s two internal speakers provide excellent audio quality, ensuring that all audio presentations run smoothly. Smart Tech didn’t skimp on the surface area! There’s plenty of room for dual editing and a clear display on an 87-inch screen. Real-time collaboration is enabled by simple finger-touch technology. This quick-touch functionality is ideal for quick editing, drawing, and writing!

smart boards for classroom

A low-gloss surface reduces eye strain and makes it easier to work from in bright classrooms. A Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard (IWB) technology originally designed for online conferences and presentation displays for business associations and corporations. With time, technology replaced the traditional blackboard and chalk teaching method. Depending on their size, interactive digital boards for smart classrooms resemble a large LED television (TV) set or a computer, but they differ from the latter by providing users (teachers) with additional technological features such as touch screens, projectors, Learning Management System (LMS) integration, and so on.

By transforming a regular classroom into a smart classroom, the electronic smart whiteboard enables teachers to teach in real-time. The board’s extensive capabilities allow it to seamlessly integrate with education technology such as LMS and mobile phones to more efficiently impart education using audio and video lessons, multimedia & PPT presentations, 2D & 3D animations, etc. This allows educators to focus on personalized learning while also ensuring that the teaching reaches every student, regardless of level of understanding.

9. SMART 4000 Series Smart Boards

The SMART 4000 series is a line of low-cost Interactive Flat Panel displays designed for education by SMART. Each panel is UL certified and subjected to Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to ensure that the displays are long-lasting, dependable, and capable of displaying stunning content for 50,000 hours. The 4000 series provides educators one of the best smart classroom boards by combining a premium touch experience with the power of the world’s most popular educational software in SMART Learning Suite.

smart boards
  • Durable, commercial-grade HD and UHD LED panels display brilliant HD quality (70″) and 4K Ultra Resolution (75″ and 84″). With eight simultaneous touch points (10 touch points for the 75″ and 84″), multiple students can collaborate at the board at the same time using gestures like zoom, rotate, and flip.
  • Responsive SMART inkTM ensures legibility when writing with a pen or finger.
  • Silk Touch Innovation
  • SilktouchTM anti-glare technology delivers the most accurate, natural, and responsive touch experience from corner to corner. Fingers glide effortlessly across the surface, allowing for hours of error-free use in total comfort.
  • With the anti-glare surface of the 4000, you can keep students engaged no matter where they are seated.
  • Complete collaboration in the classroom. Combining your SMART Board with an integrated Sight and Sound classroom solution can create the ideal environment for engaging your students and getting the most out of your SMART Board investment.

Smart boards for Classroom – Advantages for Teachers & Students

Here are some examples of smart board applications in the classroom:

  • Software for whiteboarding: Built-in whiteboards teach and elaborate on topics visually. They are whiteboards with expandable canvases and various writing tools, making them ideal for hands-on activities.
  • Digital learning materials on the Internet: For more impactful lessons, smart boards are frequently used to import digital content such as images, documents, and videos. Wireless screen sharing: Wireless screen sharing allows teachers to present lesson materials on a smart board directly from their laptops. It’s also an excellent tool for students who have personal devices and want to give presentations or quickly share their work with the class.
  • Classroom tools: The ability to write and draw over anything on the screen assists teachers in providing all necessary explanations. Students benefit from built-in tools such as rulers, protractors, calculators, and scoreboards.
  • Internet access: It is one of the most significant advantages of a smart board. Connecting to the internet allows classrooms to access all of the information available.
  • Lesson recording: It allows teachers to record lessons and easily send them to students for review.
  • Video Conferencing: Video Conferencing support is critical for remote learning classrooms. Teachers can easily host hybrid lessons using smart boards.


The ability to integrate technology is undoubtedly the most significant advantage of using a smart board in class. This has several additional advantages, including enhancing students’ learning experiences by combining them with high-quality visual projections.

Lesson plans are saved and can be easily returned if they are not completed during class. Hardcopy documents are perfectly preserved, whereas on-screen editing allows for seamlessly incorporating new information. When a smartboard is used, students are exposed to various teaching styles.

Various learning styles are also catered for, meaning more students will benefit from their lessons! Another advantage of smart board technology is its ability to facilitate online classes. Remote learning is made possible by online teaching via video conferencing software, and portable board options help turn any space into a classroom!

You rarely have to worry about device charging times when working from an interactive board. This is because charge time usually occurs while the device is in use. Whether you want to share a single PDF file or multiple PDF files, smart devices like interactive whiteboards are ideal!

What We Recommend?

Our recommended digital smart board for the classroom is the Vibe Smart Board (Based on learning functionality, hardware quality, user experience, and after-sales support )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Smart boards for classroom

Q.1 How do educators can use smart boards in the classroom?

Ans:- Using interactive whiteboards in the classroom Teachers can use smart boards for almost anything, including presenting lesson materials, facilitating engaging activities, conducting guided research, hosting group presentations, and much more. Educators can better understand how to use smart boards to enhance lessons by becoming familiar with their features.

Q.2 How do smart boards work?

Ans:- A smartboard, usually mounted on a wall, has a touch screen and a smartpen, which functions similarly to chalk on a blackboard. A user writes on the board with a pen or connects it to a computer to display presentations, videos, and other media.
Furthermore, the boards for school, college, and university classrooms have the ability to expand their features and capabilities by easily connecting to projectors and intelligently integrating with LMS software applications and the Internet.

Q.3  What is the smart board price?

Ans:- Global electronic companies such as Samsung and LG specialize in Smart Technology by producing smart boards with cutting-edge technology for both business and classroom use. The cost of these interactive smart whiteboards varies depending on the service provider and typically ranges from 700 USD to 1500 USD. The products specifically made for classrooms, such as Vibe Smart Boards, can range from $3200 to $7000.

I hope you enjoyed exploring our list of best smartboards for classrooms in this blog. Stay tuned for more insights on revolutionizing education with technology!