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8 Distraction-Blocking Apps for Your Computer

Boost productivity with distraction-blocking apps. Regain focus and tame online distractions to enhance concentration and efficiency effortlessly.

The internet is awash with plenty of interesting websites and fun things to do. However, it’s easy to spend hours browsing social media without getting any work done. Consequently, you may find that your attention span has decreased, and concentrating on tasks gets harder and harder. 

Distraction-Blocking Apps

Thanks to the advent of distraction-blocking apps, millions of people across the globe are able to focus more on the tasks that matter. Ideally, these apps help reduce the overconsumption of online media and motivate users to be more productive.  

For a student, distraction-blocking apps are a necessity. It’s easy to get caught up online by following social media trends and friend activities. It’s better to pay for essay on writing services EssayHub to avoid missing assignment deadlines. From there, you can try out several distraction-blocking apps to see which one works for you. 

Here’s a list of productivity tools you should consider.


This productivity app allows you to block websites and apps simultaneously on all your devices. This makes it difficult to pick up your phone to use Twitter if access is blocked on your computer. If blocking websites isn’t enough, you can block the access to the internet altogether and even lock yourself out of changing any settings until your session is complete. 


Focus allows you to set a work schedule on a daily, weekly, or weekend basis. Once done, it blocks websites and applications on your computer until the timer runs out. One cool feature of Focus is that it shows you an inspirational quote to motivate you if you try to access a blocked resource. 

Before using Focus to help you study, check out essay hub review, and you’ll understand why it’s the best essay writing service. They’ll ensure that a competent essay writer takes care of your work, allowing you to fully concentrate on catching up on your notes. 

Cold Turkey

So far, we’ve seen apps that limit access to websites and applications, but with Cold Turkey, you can block your entire computer. This is great for pushing you to take time away from your workstation to get a much-needed break. Besides that, you can restrict certain keywords from google searches, prevent yourself from overriding settings, and keep track of your usage data to decide which resources might need to be restricted.


RescueTime is primarily a time tracker program, but it also has a reliable blocking feature called Focus Session. It works by using the information you’ve already shared with RescueTime by allowing you to group programs and sites into three classifications: 

  • Focus work
  • Other work
  • Personal activities

When you start a Focus Session, you can restrict resources you grouped into personal activities and leave out focus work, or vice versa, and so on. Since it has all the information stored already, it’s a great way to get focused quickly.


Built for individuals and companies, FocusMe makes it extremely difficult to release restrictions once placed until the task is done. You can’t even uninstall the program or stop the timer once you enable “Force Mode.” Features include setting targets and scheduling restrictions with work and rest intervals. Managers and employers can also implement restrictions against accessing websites and programs on a company-wide scale.


This program is bare bones compared to others on the list, but it has the most powerful feature – it’s impossible to get around. The program only has a restriction list, a dial for setting the desired restriction time, and a start button. Once you begin, there’s no way of prematurely ending your session, no matter what you do. 

You can uninstall the program, close it, or restart your computer; nothing will work. The only way to prematurely end your session is to reinstall your operating system, which is too much of a hassle. That’s why this app is the best for people who’d like to not have any way of circumventing restrictions once they’re in place. 


This browser extension allows you to restrict websites by scheduling time and dates to have zero access to sites. You can select up to thirty sites to restrict and specify how and when each site should be accessible. 

For instance, you can allow access to Reddit for up to 5 minutes every hour or allow up to 10 minutes every hour from 5 pm to 8 pm. You can freely choose between time limits and periods. Whatsmore, you can also set a password or random code to override restrictions though this is meant to slow you down. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to keep ourselves occupied in the digital age. Unfortunately, these outlets tend to lead us astray and ultimately make it harder to focus on the tasks at hand. Without instant gratification, sitting still for hours to complete an assignment is next to impossible. However, thanks to distraction-blocking apps, you can easily build a consistent habit of concentrating on your primary objectives.