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7 Reasons Your Essays Fail

Many students try to put their soul and heart into the essay, hoping they will get an A. Instead, it returned red with professors’ comments and the lowest grade they ever got. What if this situation repeats every once in a while, and your professor doesn’t give you any clear feedback? Failing your essays is a clear sign that you might need a helping hand from a professional essay writer or some tips on polishing your essay writing. 

No one is born a perfect writer, and polishing your essay writing skills takes a lot of time and effort. You can look up a good example and order an online essay writing service or search for essay writing guides online. At the same time, it is significant to recognize the most common reasons why your paper might fail. If you notice that you follow the same routine with your essay writing, you should look for new ways of making it easier for yourself.

You are not following instructions

Usually, you get a list of clear instructions you need to complete in your essay. These may be precise points you need to achieve in your writing or general recommendations regarding style and content. Your success often depends on how you understand the topic and manage to explore it in your paper. Often, students misinterpret instructions or fail to ask for clarifications.

First, ask your professor for clarification regarding the topic and style. It is much easier to deal with before you start researching and writing your paper than rewriting a complete piece. Secondly, try to stick to the initial instructions. Don’t try to deliver an argumentative essay when asked to write a persuasive paper. 

You are not looking for good examples

Writing is something that you develop with practice and time. Yet, it is significant to look for well-written papers and to read as much as possible to learn from others. Even more so, read as many different genres and texts as possible to see the difference between them. Reading more impacts your vocabulary and helps you learn more techniques and ways of delivering a strong argument. 

At the same time, don’t be afraid to ask for professional assistance. We all need a helping hand from a professional writer to fix the mistakes we have in our texts. Look for essaypro reviews and pick a writer who can look at your paper and point out things to improve. Or you can ask for a paper as a sample for you to follow the structure. 

You research your topic briefly

It is easy to tell how much effort is put into research. Some professors know perfectly well what search results come on the first Google page. It speaks volumes about the essay quality and your interest in the topic when they spot this in your paper. When you are briefly searching for the first source you need for a paper, you sabotage the work from the get-go. 

Research is an essential part of any essay writing process. It should take more time than writing itself. Once you get strong sources and know how to cite them, half of your work is complete. You can also log in to the university databases and look for sources there.

You don’t make an outline

An outline is another must-have step in your essay writing. It helps you to write down the main points and build a structure for your essay, which reduces the pressure in the future. Many students think an outline is something that should be done perfectly. Yet, it is a helping hand that guides your writing. It’s okay if it changes in the process.

You are not proofreading and editing your essay

Many students finish the first draft and think their essay is ready to be turned in. In fact, the first draft never makes it to the spotlight when you proofread and edit your paper. The number of changes you make while proofreading and revising your paper can change the appearance and content of your essay. It is not something you should fear or avoid. 

Not a single writer put their first draft for publication. Although it may seem like double work, you are improving your paper. Naturally, there will be major and minor changes that you can only make after taking a break and then proofreading. 

You are not checking your paper for plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the cardinal sins in essay writing that can ruin your essay, reputation and even make you lose your spot in uni. With the abundance of software and resources, you can check whether your paper has unoriginal content. You need to improve the score before turning your paper in and always look for this aspect when writing.

You ignore the professor’s feedback

Even though sometimes your professor’s feedback can be scarce, their key responsibility is to justify failing your paper. The catch here is that professors have a good memory. If you keep turning in essays with the same problems and mistakes, you are not seeing any changes in your grades. It also signals to your professor that you are not interested in any improvements. 

Be cautious of every comment and suggestion you read regarding your paper. If these comments are unclear, ask your professor to meet and discuss how you can improve your writing. Many professors appreciate the effort and gladly explain what they expect from you.