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7 Reasons to Choose Edureka Online Courses

So, you’ve decided to go the online way to master a new technology. While there are many providers of online courses in the world, you’ve come to a place that has achieved a course completion rate in excess of 80% that’s best in the world.  Yes, you can learn at your own pace, at your own time, from a location of your choice. But the Edureka experience is much more than this and caters to every single aspect of skill development. Read on to find out why learners like us enough to keep coming back for more…

1. Live online courses, interactive classes with individual attention

Imagine a virtual environment where you have an industry expert teaching you every nuance of a particular technology live! As a learner, you have the option of pinging your instructor, or even speaking with one, even while a live class is underway. While each Edureka class has many learners like you, with different levels of experience, each gets individual and personalized attention during and after every class. While you are part of a learning group, you also get individual attention from Edureka.

2. Support ninjas at your command

We understand that signing up for online courses is like joining a gym. You are bound to get stuck at various points during your learning journey. Worry not, we provide an entire army of qualified specialists at your disposal! From tech support to crisis management during live projects, our support ninjas come to the rescue to ensure that you have a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience. What’s more, a few of these ninjas are also available to you even after you complete your course with us, just in case you get reminiscent of our classes and wish to attend them again. We really take our ‘lifetime commitment’ seriously!

3. Online Courses with industry-relevant case study, each time, every time!

Your learning might be incomplete if you haven’t got your hands dirty on the tech that you’ve chosen to learn. Edureka ensures that each one of our live courses culminates in a live project with real-life data sets, giving you a sneak into what’s really in store, once you bag your dream job post your Edureka course. Of course, our support ninjas are happy to help if you get stuck but trust us when we say that you’ll look at yourself in new light after completing our project(s). Each of our projects is co-created by industry experts and are constantly updated, making sure you stay relevant and up-to-date.

4. Industry-recognized certification

This is the bounty you get for completing your course with us! The Edureka certificate is recognized worldwide and exhibits your competency in the tech you have chosen to master. But do remember that you get certified only upon successful completion of the course and the live project. Some of our certifications are provided to you in collaboration with the folks that have actually created the tech. Could you ask for anything more?

5. Lifetime access to reference material

Just in case you feel the need to read up additional material after your live class, your LMS (Learning Management System) has a catalogue of reference material, including class recordings, project collateral and additional reading material aligned to every class and every course. Ideally, we recommend that you go through this reading material before your next class.

6. Say hello to your exclusive learning manager

Imagine an expert resource at your disposal for everything you need to know about your Edureka course – from batch timings to class reminders to course content to understanding more about the Edureka way of learning. The moment you sign up, you’ll be allocated a dedicated learning manager who will take you through all this and more. Your learning manager will also help you gauge your progress and help you out if you need to reschedule a class.

7. Peer learning redefined!

Goes without saying that every Edureka class brings together technology enthusiasts and learners with different priorities and different takeaways from the class. On one hand, you get to open your minds to newer perspective on the same technology, and on the other hand, you get access to a global learning community that constantly engages in fruitful discussions. Edureka forums are quite active, with more than 600,000 learners constantly discussing topics among themselves and solidifying their understanding of concepts.

Still not convinced? Do take a look at our exhaustive catalogue of online courses and choose the one best suited for you. We are waiting to have you on board!