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7 Classes You Must Take in College

Choosing a course to add to your major can be confusing, especially when you have no basic idea of what it entails. When deciding what classes to add to your major, you must consider courses you are interested in and can easily integrate into your field of study and everyday life. 

If you major in biology and enjoy writing, taking a writing class would mean you can combine the two things you love. Taking a writing class equips you with exceptional communication and research skills to become an excellent essay writer and even work part-time at an online paper writing service. 

Asides from this, some courses are a must because of how much value they add to your career. They also offer an alternative career path for you and broaden your perspectives in the workforce by elevating your resume. 

Let’s go through some of these courses. 

Public speaking

Public speaking is one of the many types of communication that helps you establish connections with a large audience by being a skilled public speaker. No matter your major, enrolling in a public speaking course will put you on the proper path to speaking confidently in front of an audience.

As a plus, it prepares you to speak when delivering a work presentation, defending your school project, or proposing a business plan confidently. Regular practice helps hone your critical thinking abilities by educating you to step back and appreciate an opposing viewpoint to craft convincing and engaging arguments that captivate your audience. In fact, many successful professionals attribute their career advancements to their ability to engage an audience effectively, especially during keynote speaking events. This skill is not only beneficial for formal presentations but also in everyday interactions, enhancing your ability to communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively.

Creative writing

A creative writing class teaches you how to communicate your ideas and emotions in a fresh and original way. This writing style defies the rules of factual writing and allows you to express your feelings through writing, which can be a form of relaxation for you.

As it gives your imagination full rein to generate original ideas, creative writing exposes you to a world of limitless possibilities. It also helps you develop writing skills you can use in whichever major you pursue.

Whether you work alone or with a professional essay writing services like EssayService, creative writing will enable you to share experiences and explore ideas. 

Professional writing

For any area of study, as well as in the workplace, succinctly communicating your thoughts is a vital skill to have. You need to be able to think and write clearly to accomplish this, which is what a professional writing class teaches. 

Professional writing aims to persuade and present information and ideas swiftly in a formal setting. Learning to write in this manner helps you to become more focused, logical, organized, and well-prepared, all of which are essential for producing well-written papers and proposals for businesses. 

Foreign languages

Learning a foreign language improves your brain’s performance by challenging it to recognize, understand, and communicate in a different linguistic system. It also enhances your memory and listening skills, increases your analytical abilities, and builds your aptitude for problem-solving and working with abstract concepts. 

Including a foreign language course in your major allows you to experience new cultures and exposes you to new ideas. It helps you communicate better and rids you of any fear of diverse backgrounds. The intellectual boost that comes with language learning also sharpens your performance in other academic areas, which would lead you to excel in your career. 

Physical education

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.” This quote applies to everyone, no matter your academic background. Taking a course in physical education easily blends exercising into your routine and makes it easier for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Physical education helps with anxiety, improves self-esteem, and reduces the chances of depression. It also improves sleep and memory, leaving you in top form for the day. 

Personal finance

Financial literacy can be daunting because of how many intricacies it entails, which makes it easier to fall into debt. To avoid such challenges, you must be armed with the skills required to make intelligent financial decisions. You also have to know how taxes, loans, and leases work. 

Understanding how modern finances work would go a long way in saving you from financial dilemmas even after graduating. By teaching you to save and invest, a personal finance course equips you with the knowledge you need to manage your money well. 

Computer science

The world is digital, so having ample knowledge of the principles behind certain electronics and innovations will prove helpful in your career, life, and workplace. Since the most crucial aspect of computer science is problem-solving, a class in it would significantly enhance your cognitive abilities. 

If you learn how to code, the growing need for computer literacy in every aspect of life will put you ahead of your colleagues and potential competitors. It will also provide you with better opportunities when you are equipped with the technical know-how. 


Whether you’re a communication, politics, business, or biology major, taking classes outside of your core courses can be the bridge between you and a fulfilled lifestyle. Integrating the principles of these courses into your career can help you achieve set goals and place you among the top-rated in your field.