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Work Faster & Earn More: 4 Must-Have Tools for Web Developers

According to Indeed, the average salary of a web developer in the US is $71,477. However, PayScale says that it’s only around $58,253. In either case, the desire to make more money in this profession is rather easy to understand and to do that a web developer of today should use a variety of tricks to boost their productivity. This is especially important for entry-level professionals who have a very low chance to score high-paying orders. Luckily, you can use many fantastic tools that will help you do your job better and faster.

Top 4 Productivity-Boosting Tools for Web Developers

1. Waypoints

Waypoints is a must-have tool for every developer because it makes your work much easier. It’s the exact thing you need to facilitate scrolling animations as well as interactions. As these are present in nearly every layout of today, the tool is incredibly useful.

It’s also simple and free, and using it will allow you to save a lot of time. The Waypoints team offers very detailed guides on how to make the most of this solution. There are Zepto and jQuery builds available today, so you’ll be able to use Waypoints for any regular project.

Because this solution is so efficient and literally free, you’ll be able to make your dev packages more affordable. This will be a great help if you want to attract customers who look for the most cost-efficient projects. That cheapest service package of yours should go with a hosting discount coupon that allows to truly build a website on a budget.


AND CO is a tool that is nothing short of remarkable in its efficiency. It’s one of the productivity-boosting tools for developers because it can take care of all the ‘business’ side of the job. AND CO can manage invoicing, expenses, payments, and general task management. It will even help you make customizable proposals.

If you have little understanding of how to be an entrepreneur, this tool is right for you. It will simplify all the business tasks while you can focus on web development. Note that this productivity booster will not only save you a lot of time. It will also help avoid payment and invoice processing mistakes and penalties those could bring.

3. TMS Outsource

As a web developer, especially a beginner, you should understand that you can’t handle everything alone. Outsourcing is the best thing to help you that won’t cost a fortune. TMS Outsource delivers this service, and has so far managed to satisfy the needs of 20,000+ customers.

The TMS team uses Agile SCRUM methodology and all the most popular languages of today. The flexibility of the service means that you can get exactly what you need at the lowest possible cost. Anyone involved in web applications development should be in touch with TMS Outsource.

4. Monday (Dapulse)

Monday is a project management tool that boosts the productivity of an entire team. It can make your life much easier and ensure no detail is amiss.

For a developer, this translates into a higher quality of the product and better speed of work. Monday will ensure you miss nothing that any member of your team does.