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Where Does QA Stand in App Development?

QA is short for quality assurance and it is extremely important when it comes to app development. Without it, how can you expect your new application to be a success? Most app companies will have their own QA team or hire one to make sure the necessary checks have taken place on their app, during development and just before they go to launch. 

So what does a quality assurance employee look out for? Good quality assurance teams will have expert QA processes. These processes will include checking your app’s pop up messages, checking that your application works on multiple devices (including different screen sizes) and that all the data fields work correctly. They may do some dynamic testing as well as check the security features and that it follows best practices. 

App Development QA

Below we look more into the QA processes for your app development. 

Multiple Screen Testing 

If you want your app to be a success then it should work on multiple devices. With so many different devices that users currently use, it’s important that your QA expert checks these. How does the app appear on an Iphone? And does it work smoothly on an Android device? You may then want to test it on a tablet, like an Ipad as well as test the software on an Android tablet. The last thing you want it to launch, to discover there is a bug on certain screen sizes. 

User Data Input

The majority of applications that users use, require them to input data into data fields. This can be simple things like name, email address and phone number to more complicated inputs like live messaging or live feeds. Quality assurance experts should rigorously test these fields, making sure the data is correctly collected. This is a very common area where bugs in your application can appear. 

Security features 

Arguably the security of your application is one of the most important aspects of your app. Before going to market, you want to make sure there are no security flaws and that users can’t access data that they shouldn’t be able to access. QA experts have great knowledge of this and will have it built into their QA processes. If there are any errors, they will find them, assisting your developers with fixing them. 

General User Experience 

Your user experience of the app is very important, after all this is how your customers will potentially interact with the app. Quality assurance experts will have tested many apps, helping them identify fundamental flaws in your user experience that you may not have realised were there. When checking the different functions of your app, they will always have the UX in the back of their mind. 

How important do you think quality assurance is to the development of applications? Do you have an in house expert or do you like to hire a quality assurance expert externally? What other areas of your application do they normally look out for? Let us know in the comment box below.