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Web Application Development: Top 6 Healthy Practices

What is Web Application Development?

Web application development is the process of creating application programs that are placed on remote servers and can be accessed by users through an active internet connection. There is no need to download a web app, and you can easily use it through any web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Safari.

Different programming languages can be used for web application development like HTML 5, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), to name just a few.

Web application development is not a large scale project. A small development team can work on it in a short-term development cycle. However, there are important things to keep in mind such as proper script, efficient database, different tools, and healthy practices.

6 Healthy Web App Development Practices

While you are developing a web app, there is a lot to consider to ensure that your web app gathers the more traffic and stands out in the crowd. Following are the top 10 healthy web app development practices that will benefit your web app a lot:

Give your Web App a Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design contributes a lot in making the web app equally good as far as user experience is concerned. With a responsive design, the content displays according to the size and screen of the device the web app is accessed on.

Make it Load Faster than other Competing Web Apps

Speed is the essential factor in making your web app rank at the top. The web app should load in less than 3 seconds. If not, users are most likely to switch to another web app. Speeding up a web application is important to get organic traffic. This can be done by loading the speed test.

Use a Good Web Design

A good web app design plays a great role in putting a long-lasting impact on users. Good web design is responsible for deciding whether the user navigates your web app or leaves it instantly. A good web design adds to the ease of use.

Go for 3D Data Representation

3D representation is the best way to attract users and increase the rank of your web app on Google. Also, it is a modern and trending design that most of the web app developers are incorporating in their web apps.

Use Al-Driven Web Development Tools

Al-driven web development tools work by emerging trends and come with exceptional features like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is key to build a web app that has a strong impact and user base.

The experts from Klu can further explain how leveraging Al-driven web development tools can give you an edge in the market. This will give you a strong head start over your competitors and help you achieve maximum efficiency in developing your web app.

Avail Cloud Based IDEs

Cloud-based IDEs are responsible for developing, testing, and deploying web apps without using conventional app setup methods. Modern cloud-based IDEs include Sourcekit, Cloud 9, Codeanywhere, and many many more.

Final Thoughts

Healthy web application development practices have to play a significant role in coming up with outstanding web apps. An important thing to keep in mind is these practices keep changing with trends, and so, it is better to move along those lines when required.