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Top 9 Benefits of AWS Training And Certification

Cloud computing is one thing that has gained popularity over a very finite period. This implies that professionals associated with cloud computing are in high demand. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a huge share in the cloud services market that exists today. Therefore, if you are planning to undergo AWS Training And Certification then do not give this a second thought. In the list of cloud service providers, AWS is at the top. Thus there are several perks associated with AWS training and certification, the most important being the status that comes with AWS certification. Without any doubt, AWS is worth all your time and effort. AWS certification is a hands-on experience that demands recertification after two years. This recertification implies validation to the awareness of the certified professionals regarding the updates as well as trends in the AWS. In this article, we are going to highlight the Top 9 Benefits of AWS Training And Certification.

1.    Prepares you for future

One of the major benefits that AWS training and certification offers is a vent to enter the evergreen world of cloud technology. Cloud technology has become more and more popular and all the companies big and small are using this technology. This certification prepares you for upcoming trends in the job market of IT professionals. AWS is showing consistent growth in revenue and mostly all the companies need AWS certified professionals. This certification helps potential employers to select the perfect candidate for the job.

2.    A certificate of professional expertise

AWS training and certification helps you develop professional expertise. After undergoing a lot of studies, commitment, and practice an individual attains this certification which is proof that a person is up to date with the latest techniques and strategies. This is a display of your expertise and investment of efforts in attaining as well as maintaining this certification.

3.    Derive appreciation for your efforts

Having achieved this certification includes you in the list of certified professionals. Individuals who have achieved AWS training and certification receive a digital badge. This digital badge represents your certification achievement that you can display on social media as well as email signatures. This gives you instant access to attend the exclusive certification events that are sponsored by AWS. This digital badge also helps in getting exclusive access to selective AWS Summit events as well as AWS Certification Lounges. In addition to this, you also get invitations to regional Appreciation Receptions after getting an AWS certification. This certification is all your time and money.

4.    Exhibits your commitment levels

AWS certification shows your level of commitment and dedication. Only professionals invest such a considerable amount of time as well as efforts to clearing such an exam. as this journey is not that easy therefore achieving the AWS certification is a symbol that you are a hard-working individual who is dedicated to having great perseverance.

5.    Availability of enough resources for AWS certification

It was back in 2013 that AWS certification was introduced. Since then it has come a long way enhancing the ease for the potential candidates. It is comparatively easy to undergo the AWS training and certification process. There are plenty of resources available that help you make the path of certification easy. Throughout the certification process, you receive consistent support of documentations, instructor-led training courses, and whitepapers. The course offers you hands-on experience with access to diverse sample questions as well as practice tests.

6.    Helps you get a higher salary

AWS training and certification is a way to get salary perks. Individuals who have this certification are sure to get paid more than their counterparts. Employers are inclined towards hiring employees who have AWS certification and to hire these employees companies are ready to pay handsome salaries and great incentives.

7.    Helps you expand your professional network

AWS training and certification fetches you the recognition to become a certified professional. You get to become a part of the AWS Certified Global Community also giving you access to LinkedIn Community and network. Apart from being able to develop a professional network, you also get to explore an opportunity that further expands your network. AWS certification helps you become a part of meetups and conferences in addition to professional gatherings. Interacting with diverse people makes even impossible things easy to achieve.

8.    Helps you bag more projects and clients

AWS training and certification does miracles for freelancers as it helps you get new contracts and projects. Having this certification builds in you the trust of new clients as it gives you access to the digital badge which if properly used on social media helps you build your reputation. Digital badges when exhibited as digital signatures act as a promising marketing element displaying your credibility in front of potential clients helping you achieve greater opportunities for better income.

9.    Become a Subject Matter Expert

AWS training and certification renders you eligible for pursuing and getting access to the Subject Matter Expert (SME) program. Certified professionals can access the Subject Matter Expert (SME) program of AWS. The SME program further aids you to learn about AWS services as well as feature sets in depths. The professionals also become eligible to participate in the exam development process as well as other workshops. This helps you add credentials to your curriculum vitae as well as displaying your contributions to the benchmark certification program.

All in all, these are the Top 9 Benefits of AWS Training And Certification. Without any doubt, AWS is an eminent name in the field of cloud technology. Getting AWS training and certification will only help you prepare yourself for not only the current market trends but also for the upcoming job market. This certification offers you promising opportunities not only for getting jobs but also an increase in pay scale. It also ensures that professionals get a chance to be a part of a wider community by establishing credentials.