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Selecting The Proper RoR Development Company

Let’s imagine that you need to build a web application with Ruby on Rails. The insufficient in-house resources require you to search for a RoR Development Company. At first sight, the task has nothing to worry about. However, there are many pitfalls and peculiarities to consider.

The most essential factors for the selecting of Ruby on Rails Development Company are presented below.

  1. List of possible contenders

Make a list of every Ruby on Rails Company, which you can find. Use a web search, and let this list be long enough, in order to have what to choose from. By the way, the companies, which are unable to be found via Google search, probably do not deserve your attention.

  1. Portfolios

Now, you have your list of companies. You may start the selection with the checking of the companies’ portfolios. Look for the significant experience, famous customers, impressive design, and works, which might interest you. Make the first filtering and remove the companies, which you do not like.

  1. Reputation

Make a search of any blogs or articles relating to the remaining RoR Development Companies. It would be an advantage if the companies have some experience in working with non-profit projects. This factor shows the significance of a company. The articles will help you understand whether a company is worth your time and money.

  1. Costs

When you have reduced your list up to 5-7 contenders, you could contact the selected Ruby on Rails development companies, requesting for a business proposal. Meanwhile, do not forget to pay your attention to the kind of communication of a company. This may become another factor to remove the company from your list.

It is recommended to request for a pricing model with fixed costs.

  1. Referrals

The next step is the request for referrals. The companies, which failed to submit referrals or provided not good ones, should be put off. A good referral is an indicator of a successful working experience in the past.

  1. Verdict

In the end, the list of the selected Ruby on Rails Development Companies should be reduced to 2-4 pieces. Make a comparison of costs and estimated terms of work. You are to choose the best combination of price, quality of the portfolio and other factors. If the business proposal of some company is much bigger than of the others, ask to explain.

Helpful Tips:

– If it is possible, you may test a company by ordering a small project (or a part of large one). You will able to make a decision based on the results.

– If the size of your project is not large, it is recommended to engage a smaller development company. There is no need to select a large company for a lesser work.

– Sometimes it is very important to consider the location of a development company upon the selection. If the location does not matter, think about the selecting of a RoR Development Company from abroad. This would save your costs.

We wish you good luck in searching for a Ruby on Rails Development Company and hope that the advices above will come into play.