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Learn Basic PHP As Well As Advanced PHP With PHPGurukul in a Fun Way

PHPGurukul is one of the premier programming blogs. It is led by a passionate team of software engineering professionals who has decades of industry experience and expertise in new technologies. The PHPGurukul vision is to build the next generation of students with the necessary technical and soft skills for thriving in the high-tech world. The PHPGurukul provides courses on various software technologies such PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, etc. In addition, students can learn about web technologies such as PHP and build amazing projects.

PHPGurukul has a vast repository of PHP Projects that students can choose and present for their final year project. The website projects contain the complete source code and documentation for enabling easy understanding of the implementation. In addition, there are projects on the school management system, Hostel management system, Customer relationship management system, etc., that are easy to learn and implement.

The PHP Projects from PHP Gurukul are cost-effective to learn web development for students. Our mentors provide hands-on experience to students during the code implementation. There are both basic and advanced projects for students. Advanced concepts like single sign-on security authentication can be easily learned through the projects. 24X7 support is available for students to clear their doubts and queries. Students can also learn about email client integration, storing and fetching data in a database, etc.

With the help of industry experts, students are able to get practical experience and knowledge about the implementation of real-world PHP applications. Our mentors groom the students to understand the business problem and create software solutions. In addition, students will be able to pick up soft skills such as communication, presentation, and coordination with teams which are essential to get a high-paying job in the market.

We at PHPGurukul give extensive training to students to carry out their projects and give them a good understanding of the PHP language. Students also get to learn other complementary web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript with our projects. PHPGurukul also guides the students to select the appropriate version of PHP language suited for their project, e.g., PHP 5 or PHP 7. For example, PHP 7 does not have support for MySQL extension, and hence it is not well suited for database projects

Project synopsis and reports enable students to prepare well during their execution phase. We provide learning material, including case diagrams, class diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams, sequence diagrams, Data flow diagrams, and software requirement specifications. These documents are elaborate and help students understand the project at a deeper level. In addition, you can download the sample project and code to look at the quality of the project. The core advantage of PHPGurukul is that it teaches students the nitty-gritty of design elements of the PHP programming language. With our PHP Projects, students can seamlessly demonstrate the dynamic nature of the web page along with flexibility in querying results from the database.

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